Ceal Floyer, ‘Garbage Bag’, 2001

Gavin Turk, Tip, 2004, bronze
Gavin Turk, ‘Tip’, 2004

Bruno Peinado, ‘untitled (trash test)’, 2005

Claire Fontaine, ‘Untitled (Collectors)’, 2006

Kendell Geers, ‘Refuse’

Collectif Anonyme, Lettre à Elise #01, 2010, installation
Collectif Anonyme, ‘Lettre à Elise #01’, 2010

The Wa, ‘Credits’, 2012. Installation made with rubbish produced during the Dockville festival, Hamburg
The Wa, ‘Credits’, 2012


Loris Cecchini, ‘Stage Evidence (Untitled)’, 2001

Sylvie Fleury, ‘Garbage Can’, 2003

Mark Handforth, Chain Trashcan, 2006
Mark Handforth, ‘Chain Trashcan’, 2006

Klara Liden, ‘Preisträgerin des Kunstpreises blauorange’, 2010
Klara Liden, ‘Preisträgerin des Kunstpreises blauorange’, 2010

Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith

no comment

Kendell Geers, ‘Title Withheld (Vitrine),’ 1993

Jimmie Durham, ‘A Stone from François Villon’s House in Paris,’ 1996, vitrine brisée et pierre, 100 x 100 x 70 cm
Jimmie Durham, ‘A Stone from François Villon’s House in Paris,’ 1996

Kader Attia, ‘Arab Spring,’ 2014, vitrine, bricks, broken glass, courtesy galleria Continua
Kader Attia, ‘Arab Spring,’ 2014

no comment

Robert Indiana, ‘Love’, 1964

Bob Cenedella, Shit, 1969
Robert Cenedella, ‘Shit’, 1965-69

Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Love (for JK and RI), 1986
Jiri Georg Dokoupil, ‘Love (for JK and RI)’, 1986

Marlene McCarty, Love, AIDS, Riot, 1990
Marlene McCarty, ‘Love, AIDS, Riot’, 1990

General Idea, 1987

Jean-Paul Albinet, ‘Love’, 1991

Aurèle, SidaCosyKitch, 1993
Aurèle, ‘SidaCosyKitch’, 1993

Jack Pierson, Lost, 1996
Jack Pierson, ‘Lost’, 1996

Kendell Geers, ‘Afterlove’, 1996

Rage Against The Machine, 2000

Marc Bijl, 2002

Oasis-Big/Brother Recordings, 2003, ‘Little by Little/She Is Love’, singles cover
Oasis-Big/Brother Recordings, 2003

Alexix Smith, ‘Lust (Pink and Blue)’, 2004

Ray Beldner, 2004

Brian Jones, ‘If You See Kay’, 2005

D*FACE, ‘Hate’ , 2005

Peter Coffin, 2007

Zack Blei, ‘Dope’, 2007

Centre for Visual and Cultural Studies

Gesellschaft Freunde der Kunste
Gesellschaft Freunde der Künste

Joseph Joseph


Silas Shabelewska, ‘Homage to Robert Indiana’, 2007

Peter Blake, 2007
Peter Blake, 2007

Heimo Zobernig, Untitled (Love), 2007
Heimo Zobernig, ‘Untitled’, 2007

Aldo Chaparro, Puta, 2008
Aldo Chaparro, ‘Puta’, 2008

Keren Benbenisty, Times new (Over), 2008
Keren Benbenisty, ‘Times new (Over)’, 2008

Aleksandra Domanovic, ‘ADLS’, 2008

XLarge, Love Mesh, 2008
XLarge, ‘Love Mesh’, 2008

Charlize Cape, Hate, 2008
Charlize Cape, ‘Hate’, 2008

Justin H Long, Hate, 2009
Justin H Long, ‘Hate’, 2009

Gavin Turk, Turk Love, 2009
Gavin Turk, ‘Turk Love’, 2009

Mark Titchner, The Story of an O/From Love to Hope, 2009
Mark Titchner, ‘The Story of an O/From Love to Hope’, 2009

Jason Alper, Irony, 2010
Jason Alper, ‘Irony’, 2010

Rian Barone, Lol, 2010
Rian Barone, ‘Lol’, 2010

Peter Potamus, Lose, 2010
Peter Potamus, ‘Lose’, 2010

Gimhongsok, Love, 2010, enamel on steel, 155 x 160 x 80 cm
Gimhongsok, ‘Love’, 2010

Google, 2011
Google, 2011

American Apparel, Lame, 2011
American Apparel, ‘Lame’, 2011

Barbara Gallucci, Less, 2011
Barbara Gallucci, ‘Less’, 2011

Supreme & Gallery 1950, FUCK’, Fall/Winter 2011 collection, rug, 32 x 32 in
Supreme & Gallery 1950, ‘FUCK’ rug, Fall/Winter 2011 collection

Kelsey Simon, Hoof, ‘Home’, 2011
Kelsey Simon, Hoof, ‘Home’, 2011

Romaric Tisserand, ‘3360 TIMES (from M to O),’ 2014
Romaric Tisserand, ‘3360 TIMES (from M to O),’ 2014


Arman, ‘L’Orchidée Blanche’, 1963

César Baldaccini, Compression plate, 1970
César Baldaccini, ‘Compression plate’, 1970

Bertrand Lavier, Giulietta, 1993
Bertrand Lavier, ‘Giulietta’, 1993

Charles Ray, ‘Unpainted Sculpture’, 1997

Silvie Fleury, ‘Skin Crime 3 (Givenchy 318)’, 1997

Sarah Lucas, ‘Car Park’, 1997

Pierre Ardouvin, ‘Hollidays’, 1999

Christoph Buchel, Ford Scorpio Ghia (Car Bomb), 2005
Christoph Buchel, ‘Ford Scorpio Ghia (Car Bomb)’, 2005

Adel Abdessemed, ‘Practice Zero Tolerance’, 2006

Kendell Geers, ‘Auto-Da-Fé’, 2007

João Louro, ‘Rimbaud’s Spell’, 2007

Florian Pugnaire, ‘Expanded Crash’, 2008
Florian Pugnaire, David Raffini, ‘Expanded Crash’, 2008

Jonathan Schipper, The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle, 2007-08. Installation, 2 cars
Jonathan Schipper, ‘The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle’, 2007-08. Installation, 2 cars

William Cordova, ‘Moby Dick (for Oscar Wilde, Oscar Romero y Oscar Grant)’, 2008

Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni, La Condition, 2009
Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni, ‘La Condition’, 2009

Dirk Skreber, Untitled (Crash 2), 2009, black Hyundai Tiburon 2001, 231.1 x 315 x 259 cm
Dirk Skreber, ‘Untitled (Crash 2)’, 2009

Pierre Gaignard, Voituredecurateurenvacances, 2010
Pierre Gaignard, ‘Voituredecurateurenvacances’, 2010

Kader Attia, ‘Recovery as Resistance,’ 2011, car wreckage, seats, courtesy galleria Continua
Kader Attia, ‘Recovery as Resistance,’ 2011

Hajnal Németh, ‘Crash’, 2011, installation view, 54th Venice Biennale, Hungarian pavilion
Hajnal Németh, ‘Crash’, 2011


Wallace Berman, ‘Darkroom Drawing’, 1957

Boris Lurie, Fuck, 1973
Boris Lurie, ‘Fuck’, 1973

 Gilbert & George, Fuck, 1977
Gilbert & George, ‘Fuck’, 1977

Fernando Calhau, ‘Sem Título #514’, 1989, grafite sobre papel fabriano, 21 x 29,7 cm
Fernando Calhau, ‘Sem Título #514’, 1989

Marlene McCarty, Love, AIDS, Riot, 1990
Marlene McCarty, ‘Love, AIDS, Riot’, 1990

Consuelo Castaneda, 1994

French Connection, 1997

Yoshitomo Nara (1959), ‘Fuck’, 2004, wax crayons on an envelope, 16 x 11.5 cm
Yoshitomo Nara, ‘Fuck’, 2004

Dan Colen, 2004

Brian Jones, ‘If You See Kay’, 2005

Nate Lowman (B. 1979), ‘In the Name of Amadu Diallo and Shyne’, 2005, spray enamel, latex and Flashe on linen, 76 x 50.7cm
Nate Lowman, ‘In the Name of Amadu Diallo and Shyne’, 2005

Kendell Geers, 2007

Reena Spaulings, ‘Kcuf’, 2008

Dave Franzese, ‘Fuck’, 2008

Ai Wei Wei, 2009

Paul Snowden, Fuck, 2009
Paul Snowden, ‘Fuck!’, 2009


René Magritte, ‘La Trahison des images,’ 1928-29

Timm Ulrichs, Ceci n est pas une pipe de Magritte, 1968
Timm Ulrichs, ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe de Magritte’, 1968

Marcel Broodthaers, ‘Tableaux formes academiques’, 1970

Umberto Mariani, ‘Questo non è un Magritte’, 1973

Présence Panchounette, Ceci nest pas une fellation, 1979, acrylique sur toile
Présence Panchounette, ‘Ceci n’est pas une fellation’, 1979

Gilles Mahé, ‘Ceci n’est pas une action’


Wim Delvoye, Pan-Utic archipel, 1989
Wim Delvoye, ‘Pan-Utic archipel’, 1989

Markus Raetz, ‘Non-Pipe’, 1992

Jimmie Durham, Types de Pipes, by Magritte, 1993 - Types of Murder Weapons, by Maigret, 1993
Jimmie Durham, ‘Types de Pipes, by Magritte’, 1993 - ‘Types of Murder Weapons, by Maigret’, 1993

ArtBasel 24, 1993

Dan Hauser, 1995


Sherrie Levine (1947), ‘Une Pipe,’ 2001, cast copper alloy, 4.4 x 2.5 x 13.3 cm
Sherrie Levine, ‘Une Pipe,’ 2001

Siemens, ‘Ceci n’est pas un mobile’, 2001

Kendell Geers, ‘The Treason of images (W.T.C’), 2001

Sarah Charlesworth, ‘Pipe’, 2002

Eleanor Antin, This is not 100 boots, 2002
Eleanor Antin, ‘This is not 100 boots’, 2002

Camille Harang, ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’, 2003

Mahony, Ceci n
Mahony, ‘Ceci n’est pas une montagne’, 2005

Bethan Huws, ‘Word Vitrine (ceci n’est pas un miroir)’, 2006

Michael Wolf, Real Fake Art no. 35, Magritte, 2006, chromogenic print
Michael Wolf, ‘Real Fake Art no. 35, Magritte’, 2006

PixelToko, ‘Ceci n’est pas une fourchette’, 2007


Jeremiah Palecek, ‘Magritte pipe with Blink Tag’

(Ceci n’est pas un browser)

Poosk, Ceci nest pas une fontaine, 2007
Poosk, ‘Ceci nest pas une fontaine’, 2007

Remed for Madrid Street Advertising Takeover, 2011
Remed for ‘Madrid Street Advertising Takeover’, 2011

Banksy, ‘This Is A Pipe,’ 2001, paint, vintage frame and reclaimed metal, framed 87.6 by 99 cm
Banksy, ‘This Is A Pipe,’ 2001

Monotremu, Ceci n’est pas o pulă, 2012
Monotremu, ‘Ceci n’est pas o pulă’, 2012

Csaba Klement, ‘Ceci n'est pas un plug anal’, 2014, animated gif
Csaba Klement, ‘Ceci n’est pas un plug anal’, 2014

Honoré & Photo Saint Germain, ‘Ceci n’est pas un photographe,’ 2015
Honoré & Photo Saint Germain, ‘Ceci n’est pas un photographe,’ 2015

no comment

Marcel Duchamp, ‘Fountain,’ 1917

Robert Morris, Fountain, 1963
Robert Morris, ‘Fountain’, 1963

Rafael Ferrer, ‘Deflected fountain, for Marcel Duchamp’, 1970. Performance, sitting in a fountain in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Rafael Ferrer, ‘Deflected fountain, for Marcel Duchamp’, 1970

Hans Haacke, ‘Baudrichard’s Ecstasy’, 1988

Sherrie Levine, ‘Fountain (after Marcel Duchamp)’, 1991

Rachel Lachowicz , ‘Untitled (Lipstick urinals),’ 1992, 3 elements, lipstick, wax and hydrocal 38.1 x 22.8 x 15.2 cm
Rachel Lachowicz, ‘Untitled (Lipstick urinals),’ 1992

Pierre Pinoncelli, 1993
Pierre Pinoncelli, 1993

Mike Bidlo, The Fountain Drawings, 1993-1997
Mike Bidlo, ‘The Fountain Drawings’, 1993-1997

Sarah Lucas, ‘The Old In Out’, 1998

Tom Sachs, ‘Chanel Fountain’, 1998

Nelson Leirner,‘ Sotheby’s’, 2000

Sarah Lucas, 2002

Baptiste Debombourg, Polybric, 2002
Baptiste Debombourg, ‘Polybric’, 2002

Miri Segal, Made Ready, 2002
Miri Segal, ‘Made Ready’, 2002

Yan Lei, ‘Cover Series - Duchamp,’ 2002, acrylic on canvas, 176.00 x 129.00 cm
Yan Lei, ‘Cover Series - Duchamp,’ 2002

C.P. Hart

Mathieu Harel-Vivier, R.G. pour R.Mutt, 2004, sténopé, original sur papier argentique, 18 x 24 cm
Mathieu Harel-Vivier, ‘R.G. pour R.Mutt’, 2004

Jimmie Durham, He said I was juxtaposing, but I thought he said just opposing. So to prove him wrong I agreed with him. Over the next few years we drifted apart, 2005
Jimmie Durham, ‘He said I was juxtaposing, but I thought he said just opposing. So to prove him wrong I agreed with him. Over the next few years we drifted apart’, 2005

Richard Jackson, ‘Pump Pee Doo’, 2005

Kendell Geers, ‘Homage to Alfred Jarry’, 2006

Zhou Wendou, Untitled, 2006
Zhou Wendou, ‘Untitled’, 2006

ShowOFF, Paris, 2008

KW Institute, Berlin

Miss Tint, 2008

Duchamp was there
‘Duchamp was there’

Augusto de Campos & Julio Plaza, ‘Re Duchamp’, 2009

Alex W-H, ‘Duchamp's Fountain’, 2009
Alex W-H, ‘Duchamp’s Fountain’, 2009

Saâdane Afif, Fountain Archives
Saâdane Afif, ‘Fountain Archives’

Sandra Sperhake & Dieter Hoppe, Fake Art, Marcel Duchamp, 2011
Sandra Sperhake & Dieter Hoppe, ‘Fake Art, Marcel Duchamp’, 2011

The Rodnik Band, Urinal Hat, 2011
The Rodnik Band, ‘Urinal Hat’, 2011