Dennis Oppenheim, ‘Digestion’, 1989

Moooi, ‘Horse lamp’, 2006

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Peter Halley, ‘Buy & Cell’, 1989

Francesco Vezzoli, Hommage to Peter Halley (Buy & Cell), 1995
Francesco Vezzoli, ‘Hommage to Peter Halley (Buy & Cell)’, 1995

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Matthew Barney, ‘Drawing Restraint’, 1988-89

The Etch-a-sketchist, ‘Matthew Barney, performing Drawing Restraint 2’, 2007

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Donald Judd, ‘Untitled (blue and yellow painted aluminum)’, 1989

Ryan Gander, ‘She Spoke in Images Like Some New Language (Alchemy Box No. 3’), 2008

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Jeff Koons, art magazines ad, 1988-89

Sisley (Terry Richardson), 2001

Kelly Witmer, ‘Self portrait as Jeff Koons’, 2004

George Lois, The Kids vs The Pigs, September 1969, Esquire cover
George Lois, ‘The Kids vs The Pigs’, September 1969, Esquire cover

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Tom Wesselmann, ‘Monica Sitting With Mondrian,’ 1989

Mel Ramos (1935), ‘Tea at 5pm,’ 2008, enamel on steel, 60 x 68 cm
Mel Ramos, ‘Tea at 5pm,’ 2008

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Jean-Luc Vilmouth, ‘Autour d’un palmier 1’, 1989

Itay Ohaly, Elevated Bench, 2010
Itay Ohaly, ‘Elevated Bench’, 2010

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