Ed Ruscha, ‘Now’, 1990

Feinstein Rochelle, Joy Ride, 2000 [detail]
Feinstein Rochelle, ‘Joy Ride’, 2000 [detail]

Pietro Sanguineti, ‘Now’, 2001

Pierre Bismuth, Where is now, 2001
Pierre Bismuth, ‘Where is now’, 2001

Jan Mancuška, ‘Now’, 2005

Aitken Doug, Now, 2009
Aitken Doug, ‘Now’, 2009

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Martin Kippenberger, ‘From Fred the Frog’, 1990

frostman @ flickr, 2006

David Gilhooly

Nick Cueva, Kermitberger, 2011
Nicholas Cueva, ‘Kermitberger’, 2011

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John LeKay, ‘Ring a Ring of Roses’, 1990

Charles Ray, ‘Oh Charley, Charley, Charley’, 1992

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Martin Kippenberger, ‘Martin, Stand in the Corner and Be Ashamed of Yourself’, 1990

Santiago Sierra, Veteran Of Irak War Facing The Wall, 2011. KOW Berlin, May 2011
Santiago Sierra, ‘Veteran Of Irak War Facing The Wall’, 2011

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Claes Oldenburg, ‘Apple Core’, 1990

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, ‘TH2058’, 2008 (detail)

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Marlene McCarty, ‘Love, AIDS, Riot’, 1990

Kendell Geers, Fuck, 2005
Kendell Geers, ‘Fuck’, 2005

Brian Jones, ‘If You See Kay’, 2005

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Hans Haacke, ‘Helmsboro Country (unfolded)’, 1990

Stefan Nikolaev, ‘Return to glory’, 2005

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