Henri Matisse, ‘Large reclining nude’, 1935

Kurt Treeby, ‘Reclining Nude (After Matisse)’, 2006-07

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René Magritte, ‘Bather Between Light and Darkness’, 1935

Mary Ellen Strom, ‘Nude No. 3, Hope Clark’, 2005

Steve Donahue, ‘Reclining Bather: Homage to Magritte’

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René Magritte, ‘Le Modèle rouge’, 1935

Douane Canadienne, 1975

Arsenal, 2002

Claudio Gatti, ‘Shoelaces’, 2007

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René Magritte, ‘La Magie Noire’, 1935

Joel Peter Witkin, ‘After Magritte’

Al Calkins, Blue Sky, 2006
Al Calkins, ‘Blue Sky’, 2006

Ivo Mayr, ‘ohne titel’, 2008

Sharon Hodges, 2008
Sharon Hodges, 2008

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