Marcel Duchamp (in collaboration with Enrico Donati), ‘Prière de toucher’ [Please Touch], 1947

Sarah Lucas, Prière de Toucher, 2000, 78.7 x 53.3 cm
Sarah Lucas, ‘Prière de Toucher’, 2000

Seth Price, ‘Untitled (Beige)’, 2008, polystyrene, 244 x 122 cm
Seth Price, ‘Untitled (Beige)’, 2008

Wilfredo Prieto, ‘Perfect Museum’, 2011, silicone, white painting, heater
Wilfredo Prieto, ‘Perfect Museum’, 2011

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William Gottlieb, ‘Billie Holiday in New York,’ 1947

Bernard Rancillac (1931), ‘Billie Holiday,’ c. 1990, gouache and lead pencil on Auvergne paper, 73 x 55 cm
Bernard Rancillac, ‘Billie Holiday,’ c. 1990

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Willem de Kooning, ‘Woman’, 1947

Richard Prince, ‘White de Kooning #1’, 2007

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Max Beckmann, ‘Die Hunde Werden Grösser’, 1947

Olav Westphalen, ‘Lady in Pain - 2,592.22 $ Per Square Inch (After Max Beckmann, “Die Hunde Werden Grösser”, 1947)’, 2007

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