Gabriel Orozco, ‘Elevator’, 1994

Leandro Erlich, ‘Stuck Elevator’, 2011, mixed media, overall, 278.1 x 173.4 x 168.9 cm
Leandro Erlich, ‘Stuck Elevator’, 2011

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Gabriel Orozco, ‘Four Bicycles - there is always one direction’, 1994

Yutaka Sone, ‘Her 19th Foot’, 1995

Robert Wechsler, The best circular bike ever made, at UCSB, by a guy whose last name starts with W... or at least its it the top ten, 2003
Robert Wechsler, ‘The best circular bike ever made, at UCSB, by a guy whose last name starts with W… or at least its it the top ten’, 2003

Ai Weiwei, ‘Bicycles’, 2003

Snorre Ytterstad, ‘To Pierre Menard, The Author of the Quixote’, 2007

Kristof Kintera, There is no way to go now, 2007
Kristof Kintera, ‘There is no way to go now’, 2007

Rainer Ganahl, Etant donné (bicycle machine) for Haflinger (Alpine horses), 2008
Rainer Ganahl, ‘Etant donné (bicycle machine) for Haflinger (Alpine horses)’, 2008

Dan Colen, En Grève, 2010
Dan Colen, ‘En Grève’, 2010

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Dominique Figarella, ‘Sans titre’, 1994

Dan Colen, ‘Untitled (gum)’, 2006

Adam McEwen, Bomber Harris, 2007
Adam McEwen,‘ Bomber Harris’, 2007

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Jake and Dinos Chapman, ‘Great Deeds! Against the Dead’, 1994

Laurina Paperina, ‘Chapman Brothers’, 2007

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Kendell Geers, ‘T. W. Batons (pentagram)’, 1994

Kader Attia, ‘Arabesque’, 2006

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John Currin, ‘The Neverending Story’, 1994

Matthew Higgs, Photograph of a book (John Currin), 1999, épreuve couleur, 42 x 37 cm
Matthew Higgs, ‘Photograph of a book (John Currin)’, 1999

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Wolfgang Tillmans, ‘Like Praying,’ 1994

Anna one, Like Praying I & II, 2009
Anna One, ‘Like Praying I & II’, 2009

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