Henri Matisse, ‘Woman in Blue’, 1937

Andy Warhol (1928-1987), ‘Woman in blue, (After Matisse)’, 1985, synthtic polymer and silkscreen inks on canvas, 132 x 106,7 cm
Andy Warhol, ‘Woman in blue, (After Matisse)’, 1985

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René Magritte, ‘The Empty Picture Frame’, 1937

Antonio Dias, ‘The Wall Painter’, 1970

Walter Swennen, Untitled, 2008, oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm
Walter Swennen, ‘Untitled’, 2008

Kelley Walker, Untitled, 2008, four-color process silkscreen on canvas with World Journal, Wednesday, May 14th, 2008, 274.3 x 152.4 cm
Kelley Walker, ‘Untitled’, 2008

Tony Lewis, ‘Be a self-starter,’ 2012, graphite powder, glitter and tape on 2 adjoined sheets of paper, 125.7 x 181.6 cm
Tony Lewis, ‘Be a self-starter,’ 2012

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Pablo Picasso, ‘Weeping Woman’, 1937

Choi, Jan, ‘re.Weeping Woman’, 2009

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Piet Mondrian, ‘New York City’, 1942, ‘Composition en rouge, bleu et blanc II’, 1937

Ivan Argote, ‘Mondrian’, 2008

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René Magritte, ‘La Reproduction Interdite’, 1937

Jiří Kolář, Dvě dámy [Two Ladies], 1985, collage, 24,5 x 18,5 cm
Jiří Kolář, ‘Dvě dámy’ [Two Ladies], 1985

Atul Dodiya, Three Painters, 1996, oil & acrylic on canvas
Atul Dodiya, ‘Three Painters’, 1996

Simon Schubert, ‘Le El’, 2005

Jonathan Monk, ‘Double mirror piece’, 2006

Isabelle Bonjean for Carrita, 2008

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Balthus, ‘Les enfants Hubert et Thérèse Blanchard’, 1937

Mark Squires, ‘Les enfants Hubert et Thérèse Blanchard’, 2007

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Sophie Taeuber-Arp, ‘Composition in a Circle’, 1937

Ellsworth Kelly, ‘Nine Colors’, 1951. Ink on paper and gouache on paper, 19 x 20.3 cm
Ellsworth Kelly, ‘Nine Colors’, 1951

François Morellet, Bleu-Vert-Jaune-Orange, 1954
François Morellet, ‘Bleu-Vert-Jaune-Orange’, 1954

Vera Molnar, Lent mouvement bleu, orange, rouge et noir, 1955, gouache sur carton, 30x37cm
Vera Molnar, ‘Lent mouvement bleu, orange, rouge et noir’, 1955

Robert Indiana, Composition with Twenty Orbs, 1959, oil on plywood, 91x44,5 inches
Robert Indiana, ‘Composition with Twenty Orbs’, 1959

Andy Warhol, Untitled (Circles), c. 1960, ink and watercolor on paper, 56 x 42.5 cm
Andy Warhol, ‘Untitled (Circles)’, c. 1960

Josef Albers, Provocative Percussion (Volume 3), 1961
Josef Albers, ‘Provocative Percussion (Volume 3)’, 1961

Thomas Downing, Red Twelve, 1965, acrylic on canvas, 142.9 x 294 cm
Thomas Downing, ‘Red Twelve’, 1965

Poul Gernes, Untitled (Dot painting), 1968 Enamel paint on masonite 96.1 x 96.1 inches
Poul Gernes, ‘Untitled (Dot painting)’, 1968

John Armleder, Untitled, 1983, 80x80cm
John Armleder, ‘Untitled’, 1983

John Baldessari, Drummer (With Choices), 1990, b&w photo with vinyl paint, 122x226cm
John Baldessari, ‘Drummer (With Choices)’, 1990

Damien Hirst, Alkaline Phosphatase-Polyethylene Glycol, 1992
Damien Hirst, ‘Alkaline Phosphatase-Polyethylene Glycol’, 1992

John Armleder, ‘untitled’, 1998

Mr., ‘Paris-jan yokohama-ben’, 2004

Beejoir, ‘Immodium 3’, 2007

Banksy, ‘Keep It Spotless’, 2007

Robert Barry, One Billion Colored Dots, 2008
Robert Barry, ‘One Billion Colored Dots’, 2008

Agnes Thurnauer, ‘Prédelle (Buy buy)’, 2008

Claude Closky, ‘Dot Drip’, 2011

Sarah Morris, ‘April 2014 [Rio]’, 2014, household gloss on canvas, 214 x 214 cm
Sarah Morris, ‘April 2014 [Rio]’, 2014