Frank Stella, ‘Marriage of Reason and Squalor’, 1959

Idris Khan, After.The Marriage of Pure Reason and Squalor, 2010
Idris Khan, ‘After. The Marriage of Pure Reason and Squalor’, 2010

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Frank Stella, ‘Tomlinson Court Park,’ 1959

Elaine Sturtevant (1926-2014), ‘Stella Tomlinson Court Park (First Version) (Study)’, 1990, enamel on canvas, 111.8 x 142.9 cm
Elaine Sturtevant, ‘Stella Tomlinson Court Park (First Version) (Study),’ 1990

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Robert Rauschenberg, ‘Monogram’, 1955-59

Scott Grieger, ‘Impersonations: Robert Rauschenberg’, 1971

Mike Nelson, Amnesiac Shrine or Monotheist - from the remnants of an invasion, 2009
Mike Nelson, ‘Amnesiac Shrine or Monotheist - from the remnants of an invasion’, 2009

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René Magritte, ‘Le Château des Pyrénées’, 1959

Laurent Grasso, Studies into the past, 2009
Laurent Grasso, ‘Studies into the past’, 2009

Ahmet Öğüt, The Castle of Vooruit, 2012. Ghent, Belgium
Ahmet Öğüt, ‘The Castle of Vooruit’, 2012. Ghent, Belgium

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Boris Lurie, ‘No’, 1959

Marcel Duchamp, Non, 1959. Edition PAB, Alès, 7 x 10 cm
Marcel Duchamp, ‘Non’, 1959-60

Mario Schifano, No, 1960
Mario Schifano, ‘No’, 1960

Jasper Johns, No, 1961
Jasper Johns, ‘No’, 1961

Nancy Spero, No, 1974
Nancy Spero, ‘No’, 1974

Bruce Nauman, No (Black State) 1981
Bruce Nauman, ‘No (Black State)’, 1981

Edward Ruscha, I Said No, 1984
Edward Ruscha, ‘I Said No’, 1984

John Miller, The Horrible Negation, 1986
John Miller, ‘The Horrible Negation’, 1986

Bernard Bazile, No Touch!, 1989, sérigraphie sur moquette montée sur bois, 317 x 237.5 cm
Bernard Bazile, ‘No Touch!’, 1989

Louise Bourgeois, No (fourth version), 1992
Louise Bourgeois, ‘No (fourth version)’, 1992

Lee Friedlander, Letters from the people (no), 1993
Lee Friedlander, ‘Letters from the people (no)’, 1993

Yoshitomo Nara, Little Black Bunny, 1996
Yoshitomo Nara, ‘Little Black Bunny’, 1996

Peter Friedl,  Untitled, 1993-2003
Peter Friedl, ‘Untitled’, 1993-2003

Stefan Bruggemann, No, 2005
Stefan Brüggemann, ‘No’, 2005

Tauba Auerbach, No, 2005
Tauba Auerbach, ‘No’, 2005

Mathew Cerletty, ‘No’, 2006, oil on canvas, 147,32 x 96,52 cm
Mathew Cerletty, ‘No’, 2006

Donald Urquhart, No, 2007
Donald Urquhart, ‘No’, 2007

Mario Persico, ‘No’, 2007
Mario Persico, ‘No’, 2007

White Wayne, No
White Wayne, ‘No’

http://theshortanswer.com/, The Short Answer, 2007
http://theshortanswer.com/, ‘The Short Answer’, 2007

Santiago Sierra, No, 2009
Santiago Sierra, ‘No’, 2009

Ignas Krunglevicius, ‘Interrogation’, 2009
Ignas Krunglevicius, ‘Interrogation’, 2009

Claude Closky, Untitled (no), 2010
Claude Closky, ‘Untitled (no),’ 2010

Claire Dorsett, ‘My Big Zen Answer Is...’, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 200 x 200 cm
Claire Dorsett, ‘My Big Zen Answer Is…’, 2010

Matt Keegan, ‘No No No,’, 2011, laser cut steel 34 x 34 in
Matt Keegan, ‘No No No,’, 2011

Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, ‘Notley’, 2013, Latex housepaint, enamel, and spray paint on dropcloth (hinged, in two attached parts), 96 × 132 inches
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, ‘Notley’, 2013

Anatol Knotek, ‘No’, 2014
Anatol Knotek, ‘No’, 2014

Martin Kippenberger, Untitled (Yes), 1981, oil, acrylic and thread on canvas, 180 x 75 cm
Martin Kippenberger, ‘Untitled (Yes)’, 1981

Rochelle Feinstein, Yes, 2000
Rochelle Feinstein, ‘Yes’, 2000

Ugo Rondinone, Hell, Yes!, 2001
Ugo Rondinone, ‘Hell, Yes!’, 2001

Sylvie Fleury, Yes To All, 2004
Sylvie Fleury, ‘Yes To All’, 2004

Aleksandra Mir, Oh Yes, 2005
Aleksandra Mir, ‘Oh Yes’, 2005

Tracey Emin, Oh Yes, 2005
Tracey Emin, ‘Oh Yes,’ 2005

Ester Partegás, Yes Collection, 2008
Ester Partegás,’ Yes Collection’, 2008

Henry Flynt, No more art!, 1963
Henry Flynt, ‘No more art!’, 1963

Ben Vautier, No more art, 1995
Ben Vautier, ‘No more art’, 1995

Thomas Locher, No/ Not/ Nothing, 2001
Thomas Locher, ‘No/ Not/ Nothing’, 2001

Wang Guangyi, Great Criticism, No Art, 2002
Wang Guangyi, ‘Great Criticism, No Art’, 2002

Michel Majerus, No Style No Points, 2002
Michel Majerus, ‘No Style No Points’, 2002

Zenita Komad, No point of no return, 2004
Zenita Komad, ‘No point of no return’, 2004

Newell Harry, Anagram drawing: Adonis / Said: No, 2005
Newell Harry, ‘Anagram drawing: Adonis / Said: No’, 2005

Matthew Higgs, Portrait (Landscape), 2006
Matthew Higgs, ‘Portrait (Landscape)’, 2006

Johannes Wohnseifer, No show, 2006
Johannes Wohnseifer, ‘No show’, 2006

Kathe Burkhart, No Fucking Way (Who
Kathe Burkhart, ‘No Fucking Way (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf)’, 2006

Christian Robert-Tissot, No subject, 2007
Christian Robert-Tissot, ‘No subject’, 2007

Ricci Albenda, No reason to say no., 2009
Ricci Albenda, ‘No reason to say no.’, 2009

Ken Lum, I Said No, 2010
Ken Lum, ‘I Said No’, 2010

Ad Reinhardt, 12 rules, 1953
Ad Reinhardt, ‘Twelve rules,’ 1953

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Arman, ‘Grands dechets bourgeois’, 1959

Dennis Oppenheim, Removal Transplant - New York Stock Exchange, 1968. 4 tons of paper slips from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange transplanted to a roof in Park Area South, New York
Dennis Oppenheim, ‘Removal Transplant - New York Stock Exchange’, 1968

H.A. Schult, sub art, 1968, Munich
H.A. Schult, ’sub art’, 1968

Gordon Matta-Clark, Garbage Wall, 1970
Gordon Matta-Clark, ‘Garbage Wall’, 1970

Daniel Spoerri, La poubelle renversée, c. 1970
Daniel Spoerri, ‘La poubelle renversée’, c. 1970

Martin Kippenberger, Untitled, 1991
Martin Kippenberger, ‘Untitled’, 1991

Ian Baxter, Techno Compost, 1996
Ian Baxter, ‘Techno Compost’, 1996

Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Dirty White Trash (With Gulls), 1998
Tim Noble and Sue Webster, ‘Dirty White Trash (With Gulls)’, 1998

Wang Du, No Comment, 2001
Wang Du, ‘No Comment’, 2001

Christoph Büchel, Dump, 2008
Christoph Büchel, ‘Dump’, 2008

Thomas Hirschhorn, Too Too-Much Much, 2010b
Thomas Hirschhorn, ‘Too Too-Much Muc’h, 2010

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Hoichi Suzuki, ‘All houses on Giza,’ 1959

Ed Ruscha, ‘Every Building on Sunset Strip’, 1966

Robbert Flick, ‘“LD SV970121 Almeda B, Los Angeles, CA,’ 1997, Dye destruction print, 68.3 x 90.8 cm
Robbert Flick, ‘“LD SV970121 Almeda B, Los Angeles, CA,’ 1997

Josef Schulz, Metz, 1999
Josef Schulz, ‘Metz’, 1999

Frank Perrin, Street, Ginza, 2008
Frank Perrin, ‘Street014/Ginza1’, 2008

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