Ed Ruscha, ‘Noise’, 1963

Michael Wolf, Real Fake Art no. 11, Ed Ruscha, 2006, chromogenic print
Michael Wolf, ‘Real Fake Art no. 11, Ed Ruscha’, 2006

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Wayne Thiebaud, ‘Cakes’, 1963

2010 Fall Wedding Cakes by Martha Stewart, Pop Art Wedding Cakes
2010 Fall Wedding Cakes by Martha Stewart, ‘Pop Art Wedding Cakes’

k. Madison Moore, Cakes by Theibaud
k. Madison Moore, ‘Cakes by Theibaud’

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Henry Flynt, ‘No more art!’, 1963

Ben Vautier, No more art, 1985
Ben Vautier, ‘No more art’, 1985

Les Levine, No new artists, 1990
Les Levine, ‘No new artists’, 1990

Wang Guangyi, Great Criticism, No Art, 2002
Wang Guangyi, ‘Great Criticism, No Art’, 2002

Matthew Higgs, Portrait (Landscape), 2006
Matthew Higgs, ‘Portrait (Landscape)’, 2006

Johannes Wohnseifer, No show, 2006
Johannes Wohnseifer, ‘No show’, 2006

Quel Beast for Madrid Street Advertising Takeover, 2011
Quel Beast for ‘Madrid Street Advertising Takeover’, 2011

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Andy Warhol, ‘Double Elvis’, 1963

Ulrike Rosenbach, Art is a Criminal Action, 1972-1973, c-print, 57 x 49.8 cm
Ulrike Rosenbach, ‘Art is a Criminal Action’, 1972-1973, c-print, 57 x 49.8 cm

Peter Hallay, Double Elvis, 1990
Peter Hallay, ‘Double Elvis’, 1990

Deborah Kass, Double Red Yentl, Split, from My Elvis series, 1993
Deborah Kass, ‘Double Red Yentl, Split, from My Elvis series’, 1993

Liz Markus, Double Rotten 2, 2010
Liz Markus, ‘Double Rotten 2′, 2010

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Ed Ruscha, ‘Flash’, 1963

Marcel Van Eeden,  Flash, 2001
Marcel Van Eeden, 2001

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Barnett Newman, ‘Broken Obelisk’, 1963

Eduardo Abaroa, ‘Obelisco roto portatil para mercados ambulantes’, 1993

Delphine Coindet, Rock Hard, 2005
Delphine Coindet, ‘Rock Hard’, 2005

Marc Bijl, Broken Love, (after Barnett Newman), 2009
Marc Bijl, ‘Broken Love, (after Barnett Newman)’, 2009

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Jasper Johns, ‘0-9’, 1963

Roman Opalka, ‘Detail 1965 / 1-∞’, 1965-

Robert Indiana, ‘Numbers’, 1968

Mccahon Colin, ‘Clouds 1’, 1975

Fulton Hamish, 1981

Claude Closky, ‘The first ten numbers classified in alphabetical order (english version)’, 1989

Locher Thomas,‘ 1-16’, 1991

Micah Lexier, ‘All Numbers Are Equal (cut from left)’, 2003

Kasper Sonne, ‘And yet the possibility of anything, 2007’, 2006

Mel Bochner, ‘Counting- A1 (Zig)’, 2007

Auerbach Tauba, ‘In order of popularity (numerals)’, 2007

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