Cildo Meireles, ‘Virtual Volumes, Corners VIII A’, 1967-1968

Roman Ondàk, ‘Untitled (Corner)’, 1997, section of parquet flooring, wooden panels, paint, electric socket, 110 x 112 x 52 cm
Roman Ondàk, ‘Untitled (Corner)’, 1997

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Eva Hesse, ‘Accession II’, 1968

Marissa Lee Benedict, Re-action-Reaction, Accession (after Eva Hesse), 2011. Exothermic reaction of bio-plastic (potato starch and plastic), glass vials, plywood, and wheels, 30x 30x30 in
Marissa Lee Benedict, ‘Re-action-Reaction, Accession (after Eva Hesse)’, 2011

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Eddie Adam, ‘Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executing Nguyễn Văn Lém’, 1968

Olivier Blanckart, ‘The Remix Saïgon (after Eddie Adams)’, 1997

Yue Minjun, Cherries, 2003
Yue Minjun, ‘Cherries’, 2003

Mark Daughhetee, ‘Hosed’, 2004

Amnesty International, 2005

Franck Réthoré, 2007

Henry VIII’s Wives,‘ Iconic Moments of the 20th Century’, 2007

Krista Wortendyke, ‘Iconic Recall’, 2007

Mike Stimpson, ‘photograph’, 2007

Dolk Lundgren, ‘Weed Killer’, 2008

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Joseph Kosuth, ‘Art as Idea: Nothing’, 1968

Jack Pierson, ‘Nothing, yellow, blue, red’, 1992

Sarah Morris, ‘Nothing’, 1995

Stefan Brüggemann, ‘Nothing’, 2001

Thomas Locher, ‘No- Not- Nothing’, 2001

Neil Robert Wenman, ‘Nothing’, 2003

Mel Bochner, 2004

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Bruce Nauman, ‘Raw War’, 1968

Shannon Ebner, ‘Raw War’, 2004

Michael Craig-Martin, Untitled (WAR), 2007, acrylic on aluminium, 200 x 250 cm
Michael Craig-Martin, ‘Untitled (WAR)’, 2007

Hugh Brown, Bruce Nauman (Was/Saw, 1970), 2008. Neon, glass tubing, wood, chainsaw parts, transformer, wire, 67x57x15inches
Hugh Brown, ‘Bruce Nauman (Was/Saw, 1970)’, 2008

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Horace Clifford Westermann, ‘See America First’, 1968

Mark Flood, See America Fist, 2009
Mark Flood, ‘See America Fist’, 2009

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John Baldessari, ‘Everything is purged…,’ 1968

Manuel Ocampo, ‘Artist Examining life Closely,’ 1998

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