Piet Mondrian, ‘Composition with grid 9: checkboard composition with light colors,’ 1919

Georges Vantongerloo, ‘Study’, 1920, oil on canvas, 52 x 61.5 cm
Georges Vantongerloo, ‘Study’, 1920

Josef Albers, ‘Grid Mounted’, 1921

Paul Klee, ‘New Harmony,’ 1936

Ellsworth Kelly, ‘Sixty-Four Panels - Colors for a Large Wall’, 1951

Verena Loewensberg, Untitled, 1957, oil on linen, 77x77cm
Verena Loewensberg, ‘Untitled’, 1957

Vera Molnar, Rouge, 1959
Vera Molnar, ‘Rouge’, 1959

Antonio Calderara (1903-1978), ‘Pittura,’ 1959 - 1960, oil on board, 73 x 73 cm
Antonio Calderara, ‘Pittura,’ 1959 - 1960

Johannes Itten, ‘Kunst der Farbe’, 1961

Max Bill, Stabilisierter Kern, 1962, oil on linen, 62x62cm
Max Bill, ‘Stabilisierter Kern’, 1962

Alfred Jensen, Itzamna, 1962
Alfred Jensen, ‘Itzamna’, 1962

Jim Dine, Self-Portrait Next to A Colored Window, 1964
Jim Dine, ‘Self-Portrait Next to A Colored Window’, 1964

Joe Tilson, ‘Colour chart,’ 1969, oil on canvas and wood relief, 155 x 206 cm
Joe Tilson, ‘Colour chart,’ 1969

Herman de Vries, ‘Random objectivation (chance collage)’, 1970

Jeremy Moon, ‘Untitled [7/70]’, 1970

Aurélie Nemours, Echiquier I, 1972
Aurélie Nemours, ‘Echiquier I’, 1972

Erik Saxon, Untitled, 1973, commercial Varathane paint and Rhoplex on canvas, 24x40 inches
Erik Saxon, ‘Untitled’, 1973

Richard Paul Lohse, Diagonal from bright equality and contrast, 1956-1975
Richard Paul Lohse, ‘Diagonal from bright equality and contrast’, 1956-1975

Jean Frédéric Schnyder, 24 Gesichter, 1984
Jean Frédéric Schnyder, ‘24 Gesichter’, 1984

Marcia Hafif, Table of Pigments, 1991, oil on canvas, 22x22 inches each
Marcia Hafif, ‘Table of Pigments’, 1991

Thomas Locher, ‘1-16’, 1991

Jim Hodges, Satellite, 1998
Jim Hodges, ‘Satellite’, 1998

Víctor Rodríguez (1970), ‘Abstract Painting,’ 1999, acrylic on canvas, 198 x 147 cm
Víctor Rodríguez, ‘Abstract Painting,’ 1999

Georges Rousse, ‘Sargadelos’, 2001

Johannes Wohnseifer, Colourfield Disaster, 2002
Johannes Wohnseifer, ‘Colourfield Disaster’, 2002

Angella Bullock, 2002(?)

Carey Young, Colour Guide, 2004
Carey Young, ‘Colour Guide’, 2004

Sean Scully (1945) , ‘Robe 4.28.07,’ 2007, watercolour and graphite on paper , 76.5 x 56.5 cm
Sean Scully, ‘Robe 4.28.07,’ 2007

Gerhard Richter, ‘25 Colors’, 2007

Olaf Nicolai, ‘Kombination II’, 2007

Heimo Zobernig, Untitled, 2007
Heimo Zobernig, ‘Untitled’, 2007

Mungo Thomson, Carpet Sample Rug, 2008
Mungo Thomson, ‘Carpet Sample Rug’, 2008

Bruno Peinado, Sans titre, le gris du ciel, 2009
Bruno Peinado, S‘ans titre, le gris du ciel,’ 2009

Rebecca Baumann, Automated Colour Field, 2011, 100 flip-clocks, laser cut paper, batteries
Rebecca Baumann, ‘Automated Colour Field’, 2011

Sarah Morris, ‘Casa Alta (Rio)’, 2012
Sarah Morris, ‘Casa Alta (Rio)’, 2012


Francis Picabia, ‘Danse de Saint-Guy (Tabac-Rat)’,1919

Anton Henning, from the Pin-ups series (Danse de Saint-Guy)
Anton Henning, from the ‘Pin-ups’ series

Atul Dodiya, Picnic with Picabia, 2010
Atul Dodiya, ‘Picnic with Picabia’, 2010

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Marcel Duchamp, ‘Air de Paris’, 1919/1964

Dorin, ‘Un Air de Paris’, 1921

Piero Manzoni, Artists Breath, 1960
Piero Manzoni, ‘Artist’s Breath’, 1960

Christo, Air Package, Project for the Garden of the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, scale model 1968
Christo, ‘Air Package’, 1968, project for the Garden of the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, scale model.

Bruce Nauman, L.A. Air, 1970, artists book, wrappers, offset-printed, staple bound, color, 30.5 x 30.5 cm., [12] pp., edition size 1200, unsigned and unnumbered
Bruce Nauman, ‘L.A. Air’, 1970

Yves Saint Laurent, ‘Paris’, 1983

Phet, ‘Streetair’, 2009

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Marcel Duchamp, ‘L.H.O.O.Q.,’ 1919

Francis Picabia, Le double monde, 1919
Francis Picabia, ‘Le double monde’, 1919

Salvador Dali, ‘Autoportrait en Mona Lisa’, 1954

Luis Camnitzer, Hommage to Duchamp, 1980
Luis Camnitzer, ‘Hommage to Duchamp’, 1980

Daniel Spoerri (1930), ‘L. H. O. O. Q. Hommage à Marcel Duchamp (su dipinto di Rafray),’ 1993, mixed media on canvas, 61 x 93,5 cm
Daniel Spoerri, ‘L. H. O. O. Q. Hommage à Marcel Duchamp (su dipinto di Rafray),’ 1993

Thomas Lélu, ‘LVMHOOQ’, 2006

Subodh Gupta, Et tu, Duchamp?, 2009
Subodh Gupta, ‘Et tu, Duchamp?’, 2009

Darren Bader, Brian Kennon, Chris Lipomi, She Has a Hot Ass, 2009
Darren Bader, Brian Kennon, Chris Lipomi, ‘She Has a Hot Ass’, 2009

Patrick Guns, YHVH HOOQ, 2010 (collaboration with EYES-B)
Patrick Guns, ‘YHVH HOOQ’, 2010 (collaboration with EYES-B)

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Amadeo Modigliani, ‘Femme à l’éventail’, 1919

Peter Lindberg, ‘Julianne Moore: Portrait of a Lady’, 2008

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Amedeo Modigliani, ‘Jeanne Hébuterne in a Yellow Sweater’, 1918-19

Jean-Louis Mourier, in Trolls de Troy (Trolls dans la brume), 2002
Jean-Louis Mourier, in ‘Trolls de Troy (Trolls dans la brume)’, 2002

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