George Brecht, ‘Void Stone’, 1987

Jana Sterbak, ‘Sisyphus Sport’, 1997, stone, leather straps and metal buckles, 50 x 36 x 25 cm
Jana Sterbak, ‘Sisyphus Sport’, 1997

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Wallinger Mark, ‘In the begining was the word and the word was with God and the word was God’, 1987

Kendell Geer, 2007

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Ed Ruscha, ‘Yes - No’, 1987

Markus Raetz, Yes no, 2002
Markus Raetz, ‘Yes-No’, 2002

Philippe Cazal, Yes and no, 2004
Philippe Cazal, ‘Yes and no’, 2004

Claude Closky, Yes / No, 2004
Claude Closky, ‘Yes / No’, 2004

Kay Rosen, Your Eyes Say Yes, 2006
Kay Rosen, ‘Your Eyes Say Yes’, 2006

Nedko Solakov, Froom Fears#84, 2006-07
Nedko Solakov, from ‘Fears’ #84, 2006-07

Adam Vackar, Yes/No, 2007
Adam Vačkář, ‘Yes/No’, 2007

Tauba Auerbach, Yes-No, 2007
Tauba Auerbach, ‘Yes/No,’ 2007

Rafaël Rozendaal , Yes No, 2009
Rafaël Rozendaal , ‘Yes No’, 2009

Olaf Breuning, Marble Sculpture, 2009
Olaf Breuning, ‘Marble Sculpture’, 2009

Kathe Burkhart, Yes is the new no, 2009
Kathe Burkhart, ‘Yes is the new no,’ 2009


Barbara Kruger, ‘We don’t need another hero’, 1987 (+ Andrea Mantegna, ‘St Sebastian’, 1457-58)

Consuelo Castaneda, 1988

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John LeKay, ‘This is my body, this is my blood’, 1987

Damien Hirst, In the Name of the Father, 2005
Damien Hirst, ‘In the Name of the Father’, 2005

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Barbara Kruger, ‘Untitled (I shop therefore I am)’, 1987

Item Idem, ‘I copy therfore I am’, 2008

May 1968 graffiti, Paris
May 1968 graffiti, Paris

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Fischli and Weiss, ‘Equilibres – quiet afternoon’, 1984-87


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