Ed Ruscha, ‘Yes - No’, 1987

Markus Raetz, Yes no, 2002
Markus Raetz, ‘Yes-No’, 2002

Philippe Cazal, Yes and no, 2004
Philippe Cazal, ‘Yes and no’, 2004

Claude Closky, Yes / No, 2004
Claude Closky, ‘Yes / No’, 2004

Kay Rosen, Your Eyes Say Yes, 2006
Kay Rosen, ‘Your Eyes Say Yes’, 2006

Nedko Solakov, Froom Fears#84, 2006-07
Nedko Solakov, from ‘Fears’ #84, 2006-07

Adam Vackar, Yes/No, 2007
Adam Vačkář, ‘Yes/No’, 2007

Tauba Auerbach, Yes-No, 2007
Tauba Auerbach, ‘Yes/No,’ 2007

Rafaël Rozendaal , Yes No, 2009
Rafaël Rozendaal , ‘Yes No’, 2009

Olaf Breuning, Marble Sculpture, 2009
Olaf Breuning, ‘Marble Sculpture’, 2009

Kathe Burkhart, Yes is the new no, 2009
Kathe Burkhart, ‘Yes is the new no,’ 2009

    And also, comment posted October 31st 2010

    Mario Ceroli, Si-No, 1962a Mario Ceroli, Si-No, 1962b
    Mario Ceroli, ‘Si-No’, 1962

    Mary Bauermeister, Yes, No and Perhaps, 1968
    Mary Bauermeister, ‘Yes, No’ and ‘Perhaps’, 1968

    And also, comment posted December 2nd 2011

    Tauba Auerbach, Yes and Not, 2005
    Tauba Auerbach, ‘Yes and Not’, 2005

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