Gilbert & George, ‘So sorry’, 1972

Ken Lum, Oh Good I am so sorry, 1993, laminated c-print on sintra, lacquer, enamel & aluminium
Ken Lum, ‘Oh Good I am so sorry’, 1993

Sarah Morris, Sorry, 1996, household gloss on canvas, 152.5 x 244 cm
Sarah Morris, ‘Sorry’, 1996

Steven Shearer, Sorry Steve, 1999, ink in paper
Steven Shearer, ‘Sorry Steve’, 1999

Annika Ström, Excuse me I am sorry, 2005
Annika Ström, ‘Excuse me I am sorry’, 2005

Patrick Mimran, Sorry Im in Monte-Carlo, 2005
Patrick Mimran, ‘Sorry I’m in Monte-Carlo’, 2005

Tracey Emin, As always, 2005, embroidery on fabric, 25.8 x 29.3 cm
Tracey Emin, ‘As always’, 2005

Adam McEwen, Sorry Were Sorry, 2006
Adam McEwen, ‘Sorry We’re Sorry’, 2006

Ruth Sacks, For You, 2007, corrugates cardboard
Ruth Sacks, ‘For You’, 2007

Tony Albert, Sorry, 2008, found kitsch objects applied to vinyl letters, 99 objects, 200 x 510 x 10 cm (installed)
Tony Albert, ‘Sorry’, 2008

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Marcel Broodthaers, ‘Le Drapeau Noir (The Black Flag)’, 1968-1972

Reuben Lorch-Miller, ‘Untitled (Give Up)’, 2005

Costa Vece, ‘Black Flag’, 2007

Claire Fontaine (a series of black flags hung from gardening tools, displaying text by Gilbert Simondon)

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Bas Jan Ader, ‘Untitled (Tea Party)’, 1972

Santiago Sierra, Workers who cannot be paid, remunerated to remain inside cardboards boxes, 2000
Santiago Sierra, ‘Workers who cannot be paid, remunerated to remain inside cardboards boxes’, 2000

Ivan Argote,  'Trap', 2008
Ivan Argote, ‘Trap’, 2008

Anton Steenbock, Punkerfalle, 2012, Punktrap - Bottel Bank, Beer, Steel Rope
Anton Steenbock, ‘Punkerfalle’, 2012

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William Wegman, ‘Family Combinations,’ 1972

Michel Journiac, ‘Hommage à Freud’, 1972

Janine Antoni, ‘Mom and Dad’, 1994

Gillian Wearing (1963), ‘Self-Portrait as My Father Brian Wearing,’ 2003, gelatin silver print, 167 x 129 cm
Gillian Wearing, ‘Self-Portrait as My Father Brian Wearing,’ 2003

Carlee Fernandez, Self Portrait: Portrait of my Father, Manuel Fernandez, 2006
Carlee Fernandez, ‘Self Portrait: Portrait of my Father, Manuel Fernandez’, 2006

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Franz Erhard Walther, ‘Blind’, 1961-1972

David Austen, Blind, 2004
David Austen, ‘Blind’, 2004

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‘Deep Throat’, 1972, directed by Gerard Damiano

Vuk Ćosić, ‘Deep ASCII’, 1996

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Martha Rosler, ‘Cleaning The Drapes (from Bringing the War Home)’, 1969-72

Thomas Hirschhorn, ‘La maison commune’, 2001

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