Arman, ‘Grands dechets bourgeois’, 1959

Dennis Oppenheim, Removal Transplant - New York Stock Exchange, 1968. 4 tons of paper slips from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange transplanted to a roof in Park Area South, New York
Dennis Oppenheim, ‘Removal Transplant - New York Stock Exchange’, 1968

H.A. Schult, sub art, 1968, Munich
H.A. Schult, ’sub art’, 1968

Gordon Matta-Clark, Garbage Wall, 1970
Gordon Matta-Clark, ‘Garbage Wall’, 1970

Daniel Spoerri, La poubelle renversée, c. 1970
Daniel Spoerri, ‘La poubelle renversée’, c. 1970

Martin Kippenberger, Untitled, 1991
Martin Kippenberger, ‘Untitled’, 1991

Ian Baxter, Techno Compost, 1996
Ian Baxter, ‘Techno Compost’, 1996

Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Dirty White Trash (With Gulls), 1998
Tim Noble and Sue Webster, ‘Dirty White Trash (With Gulls)’, 1998

Wang Du, No Comment, 2001
Wang Du, ‘No Comment’, 2001

Christoph Büchel, Dump, 2008
Christoph Büchel, ‘Dump’, 2008

Thomas Hirschhorn, Too Too-Much Much, 2010b
Thomas Hirschhorn, ‘Too Too-Much Muc’h, 2010

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