Marcel Duchamp, ‘Fountain,’ 1917

Robert Morris, Fountain, 1963
Robert Morris, ‘Fountain’, 1963

Rafael Ferrer, ‘Deflected fountain, for Marcel Duchamp’, 1970. Performance, sitting in a fountain in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Rafael Ferrer, ‘Deflected fountain, for Marcel Duchamp’, 1970

Hans Haacke, ‘Baudrichard’s Ecstasy’, 1988

Sherrie Levine, ‘Fountain (after Marcel Duchamp)’, 1991

Rachel Lachowicz , ‘Untitled (Lipstick urinals),’ 1992, 3 elements, lipstick, wax and hydrocal 38.1 x 22.8 x 15.2 cm
Rachel Lachowicz, ‘Untitled (Lipstick urinals),’ 1992

Pierre Pinoncelli, 1993
Pierre Pinoncelli, 1993

Mike Bidlo, The Fountain Drawings, 1993-1997
Mike Bidlo, ‘The Fountain Drawings’, 1993-1997

Sarah Lucas, ‘The Old In Out’, 1998

Tom Sachs, ‘Chanel Fountain’, 1998

Nelson Leirner,‘ Sotheby’s’, 2000

Sarah Lucas, 2002

Baptiste Debombourg, Polybric, 2002
Baptiste Debombourg, ‘Polybric’, 2002

Miri Segal, Made Ready, 2002
Miri Segal, ‘Made Ready’, 2002

Yan Lei, ‘Cover Series - Duchamp,’ 2002, acrylic on canvas, 176.00 x 129.00 cm
Yan Lei, ‘Cover Series - Duchamp,’ 2002

C.P. Hart

Mathieu Harel-Vivier, R.G. pour R.Mutt, 2004, sténopé, original sur papier argentique, 18 x 24 cm
Mathieu Harel-Vivier, ‘R.G. pour R.Mutt’, 2004

Jimmie Durham, He said I was juxtaposing, but I thought he said just opposing. So to prove him wrong I agreed with him. Over the next few years we drifted apart, 2005
Jimmie Durham, ‘He said I was juxtaposing, but I thought he said just opposing. So to prove him wrong I agreed with him. Over the next few years we drifted apart’, 2005

Richard Jackson, ‘Pump Pee Doo’, 2005

Kendell Geers, ‘Homage to Alfred Jarry’, 2006

Zhou Wendou, Untitled, 2006
Zhou Wendou, ‘Untitled’, 2006

ShowOFF, Paris, 2008

KW Institute, Berlin

Miss Tint, 2008

Duchamp was there
‘Duchamp was there’

Augusto de Campos & Julio Plaza, ‘Re Duchamp’, 2009

Alex W-H, ‘Duchamp's Fountain’, 2009
Alex W-H, ‘Duchamp’s Fountain’, 2009

Saâdane Afif, Fountain Archives
Saâdane Afif, ‘Fountain Archives’

Sandra Sperhake & Dieter Hoppe, Fake Art, Marcel Duchamp, 2011
Sandra Sperhake & Dieter Hoppe, ‘Fake Art, Marcel Duchamp’, 2011

The Rodnik Band, Urinal Hat, 2011
The Rodnik Band, ‘Urinal Hat’, 2011

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    And also, comment posted June 5th 2008

    Franz Erhard Walther, Versuch eine Skulptur zu sein, 1958
    Franz Erhard Walther, ‘Versuch eine Skulptur zu sein’, 1958

    Bruce Nauman, ‘Self Portrait as Fountain’, 1966

    Présence Panchounette, Les ready-made  appartiennent à tout  le monde, 1988
    Présence Panchounette

    Shi Xinning, ‘Duchamp Retrospective Exhibition’, 2000–2001

    Mircea Cantor, ‘I shot this image because it is highly suggestive within a specific circle’, 2006

    And also, comment posted March 25th 2010

    by Adam

    after Duchamp’s fountain and Nauman Self Portrait:

    Tony Tasset, ‘Spew’, 1993

    Clare Britt, ‘I Can Spit Too’, 2008

    Melanie Schiff, ‘Spit’, 2009

    And also, comment posted November 6th 2011

    by GDR

    Lady Gaga (Fountain)
    Lady Gaga

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