Alberto Sorbelli, ‘Tentative de rapport avec un chef-d’oeuvre’, 1997

Jurgen Teller, Paradis, 2009
Jurgen Teller, ‘Paradis’, 2009

Banksy, ‘Mona Lisa Bum’, 2012, 82 x 51 cm
Banksy, ‘Mona Lisa Bum’, 2012

Robert Ballagh (1943), ‘Oh Mona’, 1976
Robert Ballagh, ‘Oh Mona’, 1976

Chanel, 80’s

Dani Max, 80’s

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Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Pistol,’ 1964

Robert Ballagh (1943), ‘People & a Roy Lichtenstein’, mixed media w/acrylic on canvas, 43 x 28 cm
Robert Ballagh, ‘People & a Roy Lichtenstein,’ circa 1975

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Andy Warhol, ‘Campbell Soup Cans,’ 1961

Richard Pettibone, Train Destroys Valuable Art Object; Andy Warhol, Campbells Soup Can (Pepper Pot), 1962, 1964, synthetic polymer, ink and silkscreen inks on canvas in artists frame, 15.8 x 15.8 cm
Richard Pettibone, ‘Train Destroys Valuable Art Object; Andy Warhol, ‘Campbell’s Soup Can (Pepper Pot)’, 1962′, 1964

Campbell’s advertising soup dress in paper, 1967

William Anastasi, A painting of a soup can used to hang here
William Anastasi, ‘A Painting of a Soup Can’

Studio Gavina, ‘Omaggio Ad Andy Warhol’ stool, 1973

Robert Ballagh (1943), ‘Child with an Andy Warhol,’ 1973, oil on canvas (in 6 panels), 182.88 x 121.92 cm
Robert Ballagh, ‘Child with an Andy Warhol,’ 1973

Francis Baudevin

Guangyi Wang, Great Criticism Series-campbells Soup, 2000
Guangyi Wang, ‘Great Criticism Series-campbell’s Soup’, 2000

Alexander Kosolapov, Caviar Red, 2002, oil on canvas, 195 x 193 cm
Alexander Kosolapov, ‘Caviar Red’, 2002

Louise Lawler, Soup and Mirror, 2001-2005, cibachrome print laminated on aluminum museum box, 50.2 x 40 cm
Louise Lawler, ‘Soup and Mirror’, 2001-2005

Banksy, ‘Soup Can’, 2005

Devorah Sperber, ‘After Warhol’, 2008

Mr. Brainwash, ‘Tomato Spray’, 2009
Mr. Brainwash, ‘Tomato Spray’, 2009

Peter Potamus, Bidi Campbells Soup Cans - Tomato Soup, 2010
Peter Potamus, ‘Bidi Campbell’s Soup Cans - Tomato Soup’, 2010

Pierre Denan, ‘Rien’, 2014
Pierre Denan, ‘Rien’, 2014

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Eugène Delacroix, ‘La liberté guidant le peuple’, 1830

Zeki Faik İzer, ‘İnkılap yolunda’ [Sur la voie de la révolution], 1933

Patrick Caulfield, Greece Expiring on the Ruins of Missolonghi (after Delacroix), 1963
Patrick Caulfield, ‘Greece Expiring on the Ruins of Missolonghi (after Delacroix)’, 1963

Robert Ballagh (1943), ‘My studio’, 1969 , color print, 109 x 132 cm
Robert Ballagh, ‘My studio’, 1969

Pierre Gandon, Liberté, 1982
Pierre Gandon, ‘Liberté’, 1982

Erik Boulatov, Liberté, 1992
Erik Boulatov, ‘Liberté’, 1990

Yue Minjun, ‘La Liberté guidant le peuple’, 1995

James Rizzi, ‘Liberty leading the people,’ 1998, lithp on handmade paper, 20,5 x 24,5 cm
James Rizzi, ‘Liberty leading the people,’ 1998


Caisse d’épargne, 2005

Coldplay, ‘Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends’, 2008

CSupernova, ‘La Liberte guidant le peuple’, 2008

Ju Duoqi, ‘The Vegetable Museum - 01’, 2008

Gérard Rancinan, La Liberté dévoilée, 2008
Gérard Rancinan, ‘La Liberté dévoilée’, 2008

Albert Uderzo, in L
Albert Uderzo, in ‘L’anniversaire d’Astérix et Obélix,’ 2009

Cristina lucas, La liberté raisonnée, 2009
Cristina lucas, ‘La liberté raisonnée’, 2009

The Economist, The rich under attack, 2009
The Economist, ‘The rich under attack’, 2009

Mamzel*D, La liberté guidant le peuple, March 19th 2009
Mamzel*D, ‘La liberté guidant le peuple, March 19th’, 2009

Jean-Michel Renault, Réponse bien posée, 2010
Jean-Michel Renault, ‘Réponse bien posée’, 2010, in ‘NON de dieux !’

Michel Leveau, La liberté guidant le peuple, 2010
Michel Leveau, ‘La liberté guidant le peuple,’ 2010

Fred Blanchard / Manchu, Jour J - Tome 4, 2010
Fred Blanchard / Manchu, ‘Jour J’ (Tome 4), 2010

Guy Le Baube, ‘La Liberté guidant le peuple’, 2011, photograph, 144 x 206 cm
Guy Le Baube, ‘La Liberté guidant le peuple’, 2011

Marcin Maciejowski (1974), ‘In the summer,’ 2013, oil on canvas, 160 x 200 cm
Marcin Maciejowski, ‘In the summer,’ 2013


Francisco Goya, ‘The Third of May,’ 1808

Edouard Manet, ‘Execution of Emperor Maximilian,’ 1867

Pablo Picasso, ‘Massacre in Korea,’ 1951

Robert Ballagh (1943), ‘The Third Of May After Goya,’ 1970, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 135 cm
Robert Ballagh, ‘The Third Of May After Goya,’ 1970

Yasumasa Morimura, ‘Brothers (Slaughter I)’, 1991

Yue Minjun, ‘Execution’, 1995

Ju Duoqi, ‘The Vegetable Museum - 04,’ 2008

Nicholas de Lacy-Brown, ‘Norms on 3rd May 1808 (after Goya),’ 2012, watercolour
Nicholas de Lacy-Brown, ‘Norms on 3rd May 1808 (after Goya),’ 2012