Andy Warhol, ‘Campbell Soup Cans,’ 1961

Richard Pettibone, Train Destroys Valuable Art Object; Andy Warhol, Campbells Soup Can (Pepper Pot), 1962, 1964, synthetic polymer, ink and silkscreen inks on canvas in artists frame, 15.8 x 15.8 cm
Richard Pettibone, ‘Train Destroys Valuable Art Object; Andy Warhol, ‘Campbell’s Soup Can (Pepper Pot)’, 1962′, 1964

Campbell’s advertising soup dress in paper, 1967

William Anastasi, A painting of a soup can used to hang here
William Anastasi, ‘A Painting of a Soup Can’

Studio Gavina, ‘Omaggio Ad Andy Warhol’ stool, 1973

Robert Ballagh (1943), ‘Child with an Andy Warhol,’ 1973, oil on canvas (in 6 panels), 182.88 x 121.92 cm
Robert Ballagh, ‘Child with an Andy Warhol,’ 1973

Francis Baudevin

Guangyi Wang, Great Criticism Series-campbells Soup, 2000
Guangyi Wang, ‘Great Criticism Series-campbell’s Soup’, 2000

Alexander Kosolapov, Caviar Red, 2002, oil on canvas, 195 x 193 cm
Alexander Kosolapov, ‘Caviar Red’, 2002

Louise Lawler, Soup and Mirror, 2001-2005, cibachrome print laminated on aluminum museum box, 50.2 x 40 cm
Louise Lawler, ‘Soup and Mirror’, 2001-2005

Banksy, ‘Soup Can’, 2005

Devorah Sperber, ‘After Warhol’, 2008

Mr. Brainwash, ‘Tomato Spray’, 2009
Mr. Brainwash, ‘Tomato Spray’, 2009

Peter Potamus, Bidi Campbells Soup Cans - Tomato Soup, 2010
Peter Potamus, ‘Bidi Campbell’s Soup Cans - Tomato Soup’, 2010

Pierre Denan, ‘Rien’, 2014
Pierre Denan, ‘Rien’, 2014

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Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Turkey’, 1961

Richard Pettibone, ‘Roy Lichtenstein, Turkey, 1961’, 1968

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Billy Apple, ‘For sale’, 1961

Claude Rutault, ‘A vendre,’ 1981, lettres en papier collées sur toile plastifiée tendue sur châssis, 81 x 100 cm
Claude Rutault, ‘A vendre,’ 1981

Pauline Toyer, ‘AVendre’, [detail], 2011, 4 Photographs, 42 x 29,7 cm
Pauline Toyer, ‘AVendre’, [detail], 2011

LG Williams, For Sale By Artist, 2011, 20 x 30, vinyl and engineer grade reflective sheeting on heavy-duty aluminum (LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams)
LG Williams, ‘For Sale By Artist’, 2011

Bill Drummond, ‘For Sale’, 1998, plastique, 46,5 x 70 cm
Bill Drummond, ‘For Sale’, 1998

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Piero Manzoni, ‘Merda d’Artista’, 1961

Ernest T, Sang dartiste, 1985
Ernest T, ‘Sang d’artiste’, 1985

Bernard Bazile, ‘Boîte de Piero Manzoni ouverte’, 1989

Kendell Geers, ‘Manhood’

Hugues Peyret, Chacun sa merde, 2001
Hugues Peyret, ‘Chacun sa merde’, 2001

Jan Slovenčík, ‘Merda’, 2001

Mike Bidlo, Not Manzoni (Merda dArtista, 1969), 2006
Mike Bidlo, ‘Not Manzoni (Merda dArtista, 1969)’, 2006

Alexandre Singh, Assembly Instructions (Manzoni, Klein et al.), 2008 [detail]
Alexandre Singh, ‘Assembly Instructions (Manzoni, Klein et al.)’, 2008 [detail]

Ben Vautier, Urine, 1962, photography
Ben Vautier, Urine, 1962

Wim Delvoye, ‘Cloaca-Faeces’, 2002

Taeglichdigital (Jan Northoff and Benne Ender), ‘Shit Plug’, 2002

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Piero Manzoni, ‘Le socle du monde’, 1961

Mona Hatoum, Socle du Monde, 1992-1993
Mona Hatoum, ‘Socle du Monde’, 1992-1993

Peter Weibel, Der Globus als Koffer, 2004
Peter Weibel, ‘Der Globus als Koffer’, 2004

Cerith Wyn Evans, Socle du Monde, 2007
Cerith Wyn Evans, ‘Socle du Monde’, 2007

Cildo Meireles, ‘Atlas’, 2007

Pierre Denan, ‘Manzoni, 180°’, 2008

Anish Kapoor, Turning the World Upside Down, 2010, polished steel, Jerusalem, Crown Plaza
Anish Kapoor, ‘Turning the World Upside Down’, 2010

Gabriel Diaz Romero, ‘Chariot du Monde (après Manzoni) / World´s shopping cart (after Manzoni)’, 2011

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Morris Louis, ‘Unfurled’ series, 1960-61

Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Untitled (Morris Louis Unfurled)’, 1973

Claire Fergusson, Morris Louis Performance, 1978, May 30, Franklin Furnace, New York
Claire Fergusson, ‘Morris Louis Performance’, 1978

Rodney Graham, The Gifted Amateur, Nov 10th, 1962, 2007, 3 painted aluminum lightboxes with transmounted chromogenic transparencies, 287 x 182.9 x 17.8 cm
Rodney Graham, ‘The Gifted Amateur, Nov 10th, 1962’, 2007

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Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Girl with Ball’, 1961

Marina Bolmini

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