Henri Matisse, ‘Dance (1),’ 1909

Larry Rivers (1925-2002), ‘Charmed circle after Matisse la danse,’ 1993, oil on sculpted foamcore, 116.84 x 175.26 cm
Larry Rivers, ‘Charmed circle after Matisse la danse,’ 1993

Harvey Opgenorth, ‘Museum Camouflage: Henri Matisse’, 2001

Xue Song (b. 1965), ‘Conversation with Matisse’, 2002, acrylic and burnt paper collage on canvas, 210.2 x 320 cm
Xue Song, ‘Conversation with Matisse’, 2002

Olga Tobreluts, ‘Dance’, 2003

Gérard Rancinan, La Danse des Nains, 2009
Gérard Rancinan, ‘La Danse des Nains’, 2009

Michael Scoggins, ‘The Dancers (after Matisse),’ 2011, marker and prismacolor on paper, 141.9 x 171.1 cm
Michael Scoggins, ‘The Dancers (after Matisse),’ 2011

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