Ceal Floyer, ‘Garbage Bag’, 2001

Gavin Turk, Tip, 2004, bronze
Gavin Turk, ‘Tip’, 2004

Bruno Peinado, ‘untitled (trash test)’, 2005

Claire Fontaine, ‘Untitled (Collectors)’, 2006

Kendell Geers, ‘Refuse’

Collectif Anonyme, Lettre à Elise #01, 2010, installation
Collectif Anonyme, ‘Lettre à Elise #01’, 2010

The Wa, ‘Credits’, 2012. Installation made with rubbish produced during the Dockville festival, Hamburg
The Wa, ‘Credits’, 2012


Loris Cecchini, ‘Stage Evidence (Untitled)’, 2001

Sylvie Fleury, ‘Garbage Can’, 2003

Mark Handforth, Chain Trashcan, 2006
Mark Handforth, ‘Chain Trashcan’, 2006

Klara Liden, ‘Preisträgerin des Kunstpreises blauorange’, 2010
Klara Liden, ‘Preisträgerin des Kunstpreises blauorange’, 2010

Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith

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Martin Kippenberger, ‘Untitled (Yes),’ 1981

Peter Bonde, ‘Yes,’ 1998, oil on canvas
Peter Bonde, ‘Yes,’ 1998

Rochelle Feinstein, Yes, 2000
Rochelle Feinstein, ‘Yes’, 2000

Ugo Rondinone, Hell, Yes!, 2001
Ugo Rondinone, ‘Hell, Yes!’, 2001

Sylvie Fleury, Yes To All, 2004
Sylvie Fleury, ‘Yes To All’, 2004

Aleksandra Mir, Oh Yes, 2005
Aleksandra Mir, ‘Oh Yes’, 2005

Tracey Emin, Oh Yes, 2005
Tracey Emin, ‘Oh Yes,’ 2005

Ester Partegás, Yes Collection, 2008
Ester Partegás,’ Yes Collection’, 2008

Brian Ulrich, Powerhouse Gym, 2008-09, archival pigment print
Brian Ulrich, ‘Powerhouse Gym’, 2008-09

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Donald Judd, ‘Untitled (Stack)’, 1968-69

Jeppe Hein, Stack with water, 2006
Jeppe Hein, ‘Stack with water’, 2006

Jose Dávila, ‘Sin título’, 2007

Sylvie Fleury, ‘Eternal Wow on Shelf’, 2007

David Hebert, ‘Christal Judd’

John Trembay, Box Set for D.J., 2010
John Tremblay, ‘Box Set for D.J.’, 2010

Simon Nicaise, +1, 2011, cooper, plexiglas
Simon Nicaise, ‘+1’, 2011

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Lucio Fontana, ‘Concetto spaziale, Atesse,’ 1967

Jacques Charlier, Cinq entailles au cutter sur toile, 1995
Jacques Charlier, ‘Cinq entailles au cutter sur toile’, 1995

Cecile Colle, Ralf Nuhn, Cyber-Spatialism # 1, 2005
Cecile Colle, Ralf Nuhn, ‘Cyber-Spatialism # 1’, 2005

Pierre Bismuth, Unfinished Fontana #3, 2007
Pierre Bismuth, ‘Unfinished Fontana #3’, 2007

Sylvie Fleury, ‘Concetto Speziale’ , 2016, denim on wooden stretcher, 80 x 60 cm
Sylvie Fleury, ‘Concetto Speziale,’ 2016

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Yves Saint Laurent, ‘Mondrian day dress’, autumn 1965

Sylvie Fleury, ‘Untitled (Mondrian Dress)’, 1993




Virginie Barré, ‘Sans Titre,’ 2005, Edition gdm, silkscreen, 16,53 x 11,81 inches
Virginie Barré, ‘Sans Titre,’ 2005

Kara Ross Mondrian-style clutch bag
Kara Ross Mondrian-style clutch bag

Place du Chatelet, Paris, 2008

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, 2008
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, 2008

The Rodnik Band, Venus in Sequin (Mondrian), 2011
The Rodnik Band, ‘Venus in Sequin’, 2011

Olaf Breuning, The art Freaks, 2011 (Mondrian)
Olaf Breuning, ‘The art Freaks’, 2011 (Mondrian)

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