Robert Morris, ‘Mirrored Cubes’, 1965

Michelangelo Pistoletto, ‘Metro cubo d’Infinito’, 1965-1966

Gavin Turk, ‘Robert Morris Untitled 1965-72,’ 1990, distressed mirror plate glass and wood in four parts, each 76 x 76 x 76 cm
Gavin Turk, ‘Robert Morris Untitled 1965-72,’ 1990

Jeppe Hein, ‘Broken Mirror Cubes,’ 2005, broken mirror glass on wooden cube in four parts, each 50 x 50 x 50 cm
Jeppe Hein, ‘Broken Mirror Cubes,’ 2005

Simon Dybbroe Møller, ‘Sir Norman Reid’, 2005

Jeremy Millar, Untitled (Mirror Cubes), 2010
Jeremy Millar, ‘Untitled (Mirror Cubes)’, 2010


Hans Namuth, ‘Jackson Pollock’, 1950

Franco Angeli, ‘Ricordo di Pollock,’ 1973, oil on canvas, 160 x 130 cm
Franco Angeli, ‘Ricordo di Pollock,’ 1973

Robert Morris, Monument Dead Monument/Rush Life Rush, 1990
Robert Morris, ‘Monument Dead Monument/Rush Life Rush’, 1990

Vik Muniz, Action Photo, after Hans Namuth from Pictures of Chocolate, 1997
Vik Muniz, ‘Action Photo, after Hans Namuth from Pictures of Chocolate’, 1997

Simon Moretti, Untitled (Pollock), 2003
Simon Moretti, ‘Untitled (Pollock)’, 2003

Wolfgang Uranitsch, ‘Jackson Pollock Performing,’ 2015, acrylic spray on galvanised iron, mounted on iron frame, 117 x 113 cm
Wolfgang Uranitsch, ‘Jackson Pollock Performing,’ 2015

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Edouard Manet, ‘Olympia,’ 1863

Paul Gauguin, ‘Copy of Manet’s Olympia’, 1891

Carolee Shneemann and Robert Morris, Site, 1964
Carolee Shneemann and Robert Morris, ‘Site’, 1964

Larry Rivers, ‘I Like Olympia in Black Face’, 1970

Mel Ramos, ‘Manet’s Olympia’, 1974

Victor Burgin, Olympia, 1982
Victor Burgin, ‘Olympia’, 1982

Rob Scholte, ‘Olympia,’ 1985, oil on canvas, 155 x 250 cm
Rob Scholte, ‘Olympia,’ 1985

Yasumasa Morimura, ‘Portrait (Twins)’

Sally Mann, ‘Venus After School’, 1992, gelatin silver print., 20 x 25.1 cm
Sally Mann, ‘Venus After School’, 1992

Katarzyna Kozyra, ‘Olimpia’, 1996

Mario Sorrenti, Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, 1998

Herman Braun-Vega, Interior by the sea (Manet), 1999
Herman Braun-Vega, ‘Interior by the sea (Manet)’, 1999

Julie Rrap, ‘Fleshed Out’ [detail], 2002

Nadav Kander, ‘Karina (after Manet’), 2004

Diane Amato and Lisa Morton, ‘Road Work Ahead’, 2004

Gabriel Abrantes, ‘Olympia’, 2006, 16MM transferred to HD, 8 Min. Written and Directed by Gabriel Abrantes and Katie Widloski. Produced by Gabriel Abrantes
Gabriel Abrantes, ‘Olympia’, 2006

Joel-Peter Witkin, 2006

Agnes Thurnauer, ‘Olympia’, 2006

Emanuele Fontanesi, ‘Manut’, 2007

Rashid Johnson, ‘White Girl’, 2007

Karen Knorr, ‘Olympia’

Isabel Samaras, ‘The Offering’

Osmosa museum, Second Life

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