Lucio Fontana, ‘Concetto spaziale, Atesse,’ 1967

Jacques Charlier, Cinq entailles au cutter sur toile, 1995
Jacques Charlier, ‘Cinq entailles au cutter sur toile’, 1995

Cecile Colle, Ralf Nuhn, Cyber-Spatialism # 1, 2005
Cecile Colle, Ralf Nuhn, ‘Cyber-Spatialism # 1’, 2005

Pierre Bismuth, Unfinished Fontana #3, 2007
Pierre Bismuth, ‘Unfinished Fontana #3’, 2007

Sylvie Fleury, ‘Concetto Speziale’ , 2016, denim on wooden stretcher, 80 x 60 cm
Sylvie Fleury, ‘Concetto Speziale,’ 2016

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Julian Wasser, ‘Marcel Duchamp and Eve Babitz’, 1963

Les Levine, Culture Hero, 1970
Les Levine, ‘Culture Hero’, 1970

Hannah Wilke, poster for ‘C'est la Vie Rrose’, film, 1976, with I Sa Lo, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Hannah Wilke, poster for ‘C’est la Vie Rrose’, 1976

Braco Dimitrijevic, ‘Self Portrait after Dominique Orsini’, 1977

Oxana Yambykh, ‘Evening Game’

Pierre Bismuth, Collage whith Marcel, 2003
Pierre Bismuth, ‘Collage with Marcel’, 2003

Sir Peter Blake, ‘Marcel Duchamp’s World Tour: Playing Chess with Tracey’, 2003-05

Wu Mingzhong, Stupid Painter Wu Mingzhong Apologizes to Duchamp
Wu Mingzhong, ‘Stupid Painter Wu Mingzhong Apologizes to Duchamp’s Work by Playing Chess’, 2006

Anahita B. + Weirdo & Weirdo, Hors Je, 2007
Anahita B. + Weirdo & Weirdo, ‘Hors Je’, 2007

Sir Peter Blake, 2007

Etcétera..., Errorist Kabaret, 2009
Etcétera…, ‘Errorist Kabaret’, 2009

Francis Naumann, Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess, 2010, wiht Yoko Ono and her all–white chess board, Play It by Trust, 2002
Francis Naumann, ‘Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess’, 2010, with Yoko Ono and her all–white chess board, ‘Play It by Trust’, 2002

Sanja Iveković, ‘Eve's Game’, 2012, performance avec Enrico Lunghi, Mudam, Luxembourg. Photo Eric Chenal
Sanja Iveković, ‘Eve’s Game’, 2012