Damien Hirst, ‘For The Love Of God’, 2007

Peter Fuss, ‘For the Laugh of God’, 2007

Death Worm (Adrian), ‘For the Love of the Great Pumpkin’, 2007

Tom Raworth, ‘Momentous Borer’, 2007

Jim Riswold,‘ Make Believe Damien Hirst For The Love Of God’, 2007

Jamie Reid, ‘God save Damien Hirst’, 2008

Eugenio Merino,‘ 4 the love of go(l)d’, 2008-09

iArtist, ‘iHirst ’, 2009

Stéphane Jaspert, Art contemporain Paris: peinture sur pavé de Paris daprès Damien Hirst
Stéphane Jaspert, ‘Art contemporain Paris: peinture sur pavé de Paris d’après Damien Hirst’

Vikenti  Komitski, My Budget For This Exhibition, 2009, coins
Vikenti Komitski, ‘My Budget For This Exhibition’, 2009

The Krasnals, Untitled, Tribute to Damien Hirst, 2011. Oil on hardboard, 60 x 55 cm
The Krasnals, ‘Untitled, Tribute to Damien Hirst’, 2011

The Warehouse, ‘Poly Silver Skull’, 2012
The Warehouse, ‘Poly Silver Skull’, 2012

Merlin Carpenter, ‘Tate Café’, [detail], 2012, Reena Spaulings, New York
Merlin Carpenter, ‘Tate Café’, [detail], 2012


Joseph Beuys, ‘Kunst=Kapital’, 1979

Matthieu Laurette, ‘Art=Capital=Spectacle’, 2006

Merlin Carpenter, The Opening: Intrinsic Value: 8, 2009
Merlin Carpenter, ‘The Opening: Intrinsic Value: 8′, 2009

Lukas Lehmann, kunst = kapital, 2012. Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
Lukas Lehmann, ‘kunst = kapital’, 2012

Alfredo Jaar, ‘Kultur=Kapital’, 2012, neon lights, 800 x 100 cm
Alfredo Jaar, ‘Kultur=Kapital’, 2012

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Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Art’, 1961

Stephen Kaltenbach (b 1940), ‘Teach Art’, Maquette, Artforum ad, September 1969
Stephen Kaltenbach, ‘Teach Art’, 1969

Ewa Partum, ‘Poem by Ewa’, 1971
Ewa Partum, ‘Poem by Ewa’, 1971

Ben Vautier, ‘Art’, 1971

Robert Indiana, ‘Art’, 1972

John Tweddle, Pretty Picture, 1972
John Tweddle, ‘Pretty Picture’, 1972

Stephen Shore, ‘Amarillo, Texas’, 1972

Jean-François Bory, 1974

Regina Vater, POhEMA (da série Art), 1978
Regina Vater, ‘POhEMA (da série Art)’, 1978

Andy Warhol, Art (Positive and Negative), 1986
Andy Warhol,’ Art (Positive and Negative)’, 1986

Ed Ruscha, ‘Untitled (ART)’, 1987

Raymond Saunders, Colored, 1988
Raymond Saunders, ‘Colored’, 1988

Maurizio Nannucci, Art, 1989
Maurizio Nannucci, ‘Art’, 1989

Albert Mertz, ‘Kunst’, 1989
Albert Mertz, ‘Kunst’, 1989

Nancy Dwyer, ‘ART Table 2’, 1993, table in Plexiglas, aluminum and wood,, 50.8 x 41.9 x 38.1 cm
Nancy Dwyer, ‘ART Table 2’, 1993

Jessica Diamond, Me Constellation, 1992-93
Jessica Diamond, ‘Infinity Net’, 1992-94

Elaine Reichek, Collections For Collectors, 2007
Elaine Reichek, ‘Collections For Collectors’, 2007

Merlin Carpenter, Kunst, 2009
Merlin Carpenter, 2009

Bob & Roberta Smith, Art, 2009
Bob & Roberta Smith, ‘Art’, 2009

Michael Craig-Martin, Art (red), 2010
Michael Craig-Martin, ‘Art (red)’, 2010

David Shrigley, Untitled (Art), 2010
David Shrigley, ‘Untitled (Art)’, 2010

Stephane Cipre, Art Sanglé Monumental, 2010, cast aluminium and hemp rope, 120 x 100 x 80 cm
Stephane Cipre, ‘Art Sanglé Monumental’, 2010

Doug Aitken, ‘Fountain (earth fountain)’, 2012, plexiglas, steel, pumping system, colored methyl cellulose, lava stones, 52 7/8 x 78 3/8 x 36 inches
Doug Aitken, ‘Fountain (earth fountain)’, 2012

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