Tom Wesselmann, ‘Monica Sitting With Mondrian,’ 1989

Mel Ramos (1935), ‘Tea at 5pm,’ 2008, enamel on steel, 60 x 68 cm
Mel Ramos, ‘Tea at 5pm,’ 2008

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Edward Ruscha, ‘Hollywood’, 1970

Elke Krystufek, ‘Director Krystufek’, 1999, acrylic on canvas, 139.8 x 180 cm
Elke Krystufek, ‘Director Krystufek’, 1999

Bethan Huws, Hollywood, 2002
Bethan Huws, ‘Hollywood’, 2002

Donald Urquhart, ‘Hollywood’, 2007

Laura Brunellière, ‘Porte bonheur’, 2007, tirage lambda, 60 x 80 cm
Laura Brunellière, ‘Porte bonheur’, 2007

Gary Simmons, Hollywood, 2008
Gary Simmons, ‘Hollywood’, 2008

Li Qing , ‘Mutual Undoing and Unity: Mountain & Hill’, 2008, oil on canvas, diptych; and a set of two C-print, oil on canvas 200 x 220 cm, C-print: 59 x 65.5 cm
Li Qing, ‘Mutual Undoing and Unity: Mountain & Hill’, 2008

Mel Ramos, Hollywood Suite (Series of 9), 2009
Mel Ramos, ‘Hollywood Suite (Series of 9)’, 2009

Cheng Ran, ‘Ghost of Tundra #1’, c-prints, 150 x 180 cm
Cheng Ran, ‘Ghost of Tundra #1’, 2010

Mike Kelley, Katy Keene Drawings/Cal Living (n.11), 2000
Mike Kelley, ‘Katy Keene Drawings/Cal Living (n.11)’, 2000

Maurizio Cattelan, ‘Hollywood’, 2001

Shannon Ebner, Distressed Holy, 2002-10
Shannon Ebner, ‘Distressed Holy’, 2002-10

Juan Céspedes, Hollywood Scratchiti, 2006
Juan Céspedes, ‘Hollywood Scratchiti’, 2006

Jan Nalevka, Look, look, look to the rainbow. Follow it over the hill and stream, 2007
Jan Nalevka, ‘Look, look, look to the rainbow. Follow it over the hill and stream’, 2007

Hester Oerlemans, H, 2007
Hester Oerlemans, ‘H’, 2007

Joel Holmberg, Getty Images Hollywood, 2007
Joel Holmberg, ‘Getty Images Hollywood’, 2007

Julien Levesque, HollyWeb (The place to be), 2007
Julien Levesque, ‘HollyWeb (The place to be)’, 2007

Jeffrey Inaba and Darien Williams, HLYWD, 2010
Jeffrey Inaba and Darien Williams, ‘HLYWD’, 2010

Monica bonvicini, Satisfy Me (big), 2010. Steel, concrete, paint, alu dibond panels, approx 300x1750x300 cm, Essen
Monica bonvicini, ‘Satisfy Me (big)’, 2010



Gerhard Richter, ‘Ema (Nude on Staircase)’, 1966

Yasumasa Morimura, ‘Me descending the Stairs for Gerhard Richter’, 1998

Matthias Hermann, Paris Text Pieces, 1998
Matthias Hermann, ‘Paris Text Pieces’, 1998

Louise Lawler, 2002?
Louise Lawler, 2002?

Sabine Jelinekr, ‘David on the Staircase’, 2004

Mel Ramos, ‘Nude Descending A Staircase’, 2006

Michael Wolf, Real Fake Art no. 42, Gerhard Richter, 2006, chromogenic print
Michael Wolf, ‘Real Fake Art #42, Gerhard Richter’, 2006

Mike Figgis, ‘Kate Moss Descending Staircase,’ 2007, Chromogenic print, 52 x 35 cm
Mike Figgis, ‘Kate Moss Descending Staircase,’ 2007

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Albert Marquet, ‘Nu au Divan’, 1912

Mel Ramos (1935), ‘Marquet's Mannequin’, 1979, watercolour and pencil on paper, 58,6 x 40,4 cm
Mel Ramos, ‘Marquet’s Mannequin’, 1979

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Alexandre Cabanel, ‘The Birth of Venus’, 1865-69

Mel Ramos (1935), ‘The Birth of Venus’, 1975, watercolor on paper, 33,7 x 56,5 cm
Mel Ramos, ‘The Birth of Venus’, 1975

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Edouard Manet, ‘Olympia,’ 1863

Paul Gauguin, ‘Copy of Manet’s Olympia’, 1891

Carolee Shneemann and Robert Morris, Site, 1964
Carolee Shneemann and Robert Morris, ‘Site’, 1964

Larry Rivers, ‘I Like Olympia in Black Face’, 1970

Mel Ramos, ‘Manet’s Olympia’, 1974

Victor Burgin, Olympia, 1982
Victor Burgin, ‘Olympia’, 1982

Rob Scholte, ‘Olympia,’ 1985, oil on canvas, 155 x 250 cm
Rob Scholte, ‘Olympia,’ 1985

Yasumasa Morimura, ‘Portrait (Twins)’

Sally Mann, ‘Venus After School’, 1992, gelatin silver print., 20 x 25.1 cm
Sally Mann, ‘Venus After School’, 1992

Katarzyna Kozyra, ‘Olimpia’, 1996

Mario Sorrenti, Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, 1998

Herman Braun-Vega, Interior by the sea (Manet), 1999
Herman Braun-Vega, ‘Interior by the sea (Manet)’, 1999

Julie Rrap, ‘Fleshed Out’ [detail], 2002

Nadav Kander, ‘Karina (after Manet’), 2004

Diane Amato and Lisa Morton, ‘Road Work Ahead’, 2004

Gabriel Abrantes, ‘Olympia’, 2006, 16MM transferred to HD, 8 Min. Written and Directed by Gabriel Abrantes and Katie Widloski. Produced by Gabriel Abrantes
Gabriel Abrantes, ‘Olympia’, 2006

Joel-Peter Witkin, 2006

Agnes Thurnauer, ‘Olympia’, 2006

Emanuele Fontanesi, ‘Manut’, 2007

Rashid Johnson, ‘White Girl’, 2007

Karen Knorr, ‘Olympia’

Isabel Samaras, ‘The Offering’

Osmosa museum, Second Life

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Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, ‘Grande Odalisque’, 1814

Pablo Picasso, ‘La Grande Odalisque d'après Ingres’, 1907
Pablo Picasso, ‘La Grande Odalisque d’après Ingres’, 1907

Robert Rauschenberg, Odalisk, 1955-1958, Freestanding combine, huile, aquarelle, crayon, pastel, papier, tissu, photographies, reproductions imprimées, journal, métal, verre, oreiller, poteau en bois et lampes sur structure en bois avec coq empaillé, 210,8x64,1x63,8 cm
Robert Rauschenberg, ‘Odalisk’, 1955-1958

Martial Raysse, ‘Made in Japan, La Grande odalisque’, 1964

Tano Festa (1938-1988), ‘Odalisca,’ 1967, mixed media and enamel on 4 panels, 199 x 296 cm
Tano Festa, ‘Odalisca,’ 1967

Ruytchi Souzouki, ‘Anatomie et la beaute’, 1967
Ruytchi Souzouki, ‘Anatomie et la beaute’, 1967

Orlan, ‘La Grande Odalisque’, 1968

Mel Ramos, ‘Plenti Grand Odalisque’, 1973

Erró (b 1932), ‘After Ingres’, 1975, oil on canvas, 55.9 x 99 cm
Erró, ‘After Ingres’, 1975

Guerilla Girls, Odalisc, 1989
Guerilla Girls, 1989

Stéphane Lallemand (1958), ‘Télécran de La Grande Odalisque’, 1989, Télécran, 19.5 x 24 cm
Stéphane Lallemand, ‘Télécran de La Grande Odalisque’, 1989

Julie Ann (1971), ‘Odalisque after Ingres’, 1996, c-print, 76 x 101.5 cm
Julie Ann, ‘Odalisque after Ingres’, 1996

James Rizzi, ‘La Grande Odalisque’, 2000

Michael Thompson, Julianne Moore as Ingress Grand Odalisque, 2000
Michael Thompson, ‘Julianne Moore as Ingres’s ‘Grand Odalisque’’, 2000

Isabel Samaras, ‘Wish’, 2003

Laurie Simon, ‘The Long House (Red Bathroom)’, 2004

Koya Abe, ‘After La Grande Odalisque’, 2005

Oliviero Toscani, 2007

Stéphane Lallemand, ‘La Grande Odalisque’, 2007
Stéphane Lallemand, ‘La Grande Odalisque’, 2007

Lalla Essayd, ‘Grande Odalisque’, 2008
Lalla Essayd, ‘Grande Odalisque’, 2008

Koya Abe (1964), ‘After the Grande Odalisque, Digital Art, Chapter 5, Analogies’, 2008, c-print, 57,15 x 101,6 cm
Koya Abe, ‘After the Grande Odalisque, Digital Art, Chapter 5, Analogies’, 2008

Karen Audette and Diane Gilson, ‘Ingre’s Odalisque’

TeAnne, ‘Abstract Nude’

Anton Henning, from the Pin-ups series
Anton Henning, from the ‘Pin-ups’ series

Rodney Smith, Grand Odalisque, 2010
Rodney Smith, 2010

Richmond Nicholas, ‘Grande Odalisque’, 2011
Richmond Nicholas, ‘Grande Odalisque’, 2011

Craig White, ‘Grande Odalisque’, 2011
Craig White, ‘Grande Odalisque’, 2011

Jean-Luc Moerman, ‘Epiphytes’, 2012, marker on paper, 130 x 73 cm
Jean-Luc Moerman, ‘Epiphytes’, 2012

Andrei Sharov, ‘Pink Nude’, 2014, oil on canvas, 89 x 129.5 cm
Andrei Sharov, ‘Pink Nude’, 2014

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