Jasper Johns, ‘The Critic Smiles,’ 1959

Richard Hamilton (1922-2011), ‘The Critic Laughs,’ 1968-1971, plastic teeth, electric toothbrush and base in plastic box with mirror, 27 x 10,5 x 5,5 cm
Richard Hamilton, ‘The Critic Laughs,’ 1968-1971

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Jasper Johns, ‘Tennyson,’ 1958

Jonathan Horowitz (1966), ‘Tennyson, Jasper And Bob,’ 2014, UV ink on canvas, embroidery, 189.20 x 125.70 cm, in artist’s frame
Jonathan Horowitz, ‘Tennyson, Jasper And Bob,’ 2014

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Jasper Johns, ‘Three Flags’, 1958

Carlo Zanni, ‘UPdatingJJ (Three Flags)’, 2001

Marco Maggi, ‘Turner Box (Paper on Johns),’ 2005, cuts on paper, in Plexiglas box, 22.9 x 27.9 x 5.7 cm
Marco Maggi, ‘Turner Box (Paper on Johns),’ 2005

Yanagi,‘ Study for American Art-Three Flags’

Laurent la Gamba, ‘Self-portrait as Jasper Johns’ Three Flags Painting’

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