Bob and Roberta Smith, ‘Make art not war’, 1997

Patrick Mimran, Make art, not love, 2005
Patrick Mimran, ‘Make art, not love’, 2005

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Sarah Morris, ‘Aluminum Fence’, 1997

Rudolf Stingel, ‘Untitled’, 2008

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Wolfgang Tillmans, ‘Concorde Grid’, 1997

André Marose, Too Contemporary (Wolfgang Tillmans - Concorde), 2009. Marker on Tilmans pst cards, 145 x 109 cm
André Marose, ‘Too Contemporary (Wolfgang Tillmans - Concorde)’, 2009

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John Currin, ‘The Cripple’, 1997

Peter Lindbergh, ‘Julianne Moore’, 2008

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Erwin Wurm, ‘Me, Me Fat’, 1997

MultiMania.fr, 2001

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Rory Macbeth, ‘Bible’, 1997 (every word in alphabetical order)

Tauba Auerbach, ‘Alphabetized Bible’, 2006

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Alexander Brener, green dollar sign sprayed over Kazimir Malevich’s ‘Suprematisme’ 1920-1927, 1997

Serkan Ozkaya, Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1997
Serkan Ozkaya, ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie’, 1997

Iocose, ‘Surfing with Alexander Brener’, 2011

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