Charles Ray, ‘Firetruck’, 1993

TBWA, ‘It’s more fun in a Mini , BMW / Ambient’, 2003

Julian Opie, Imagine you are driving a red car, 2004
Julian Opie,‘ Imagine you are driving a red car’, 2004


Anthony Peskine, Playmobil, 2007
Anthony Peskine, ‘Playmobil’, 2007

Y&Rubicam, Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra, 2010
Y&Rubicam, ‘Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra’, 2010

Playmobile life-size
Playmobile, life-size

Nathalie Novarina, Tommy, 1 P. M. à adopter, 1998
Nathalie Novarina, ‘Tommy, 1 P. M. à adopter’, 1998

Guillaume Paris, Infinite Justice, 2003
Guillaume Paris, ‘Infinite Justice’, 2003

Halo 2, 2004
Bungie Studios for Xbox, ‘Halo 2’, 2004

Darren Lago, Tom, 2008
Darren Lago, ‘Tom’, 2008

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Maurizio Cattelan, ‘Zorro’, 1993

Jack Falanga, ‘Z’, 2007

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Jeff Koons, ‘Bear with Policeman’, 1993

Yang Fan, ‘Leading the Way’, 2006

Florian Meimberg, Aids prevention awareness campaign, 2009
Florian Meimberg, ‘Aids prevention awareness campaign’, 2009

Jung Von Matt Limmat Agency, People with disabilities Awareness campaign, 2011
Jung Von Matt Limmat Agency,‘ People with disabilities Awareness campaign’, 2011

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Carlos Pazos, ‘Naufragamos, Peter Pan’, 1993

Vincent Olinet, Twice Upon a Time, 2010
Vincent Olinet, ‘Twice Upon a Time’, 2010

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John Armleder & Olivier Mosset, ‘Rampe de Skateboard’, 1993

Liam Gillick & Gabriel Kuri, Everyday Holiday, 1996
Liam Gillick & Gabriel Kuri, ‘Everyday Holiday’, 1996

Johannes Wohnseifer, Backworlds/Forwords, 1998, skate-performance Mark Gonzles, Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach
Johannes Wohnseifer, ‘Backworlds/Forwords’, 1998

Simparch, ‘Free Basin’, 2000-2002

Jota Castro, ‘Enjoy your travel’, 2006, wood, 230 x 120 x 370 cm
Jota Castro, ‘Enjoy your travel’, 2006

Tom Sachs, Quarterpipe, 2008, Bronze, 104 x 178 x 201 cm
Tom Sachs, ‘Quarterpipe’, 2008

Dan Collen, 2010, Poetry exhibition view
Dan Collen, 2010, ‘Poetry’ exhibition view

Bas Koopmans, Halfpipe, 2011
Bas Koopmans, ‘Halfpipe’, 2011

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Mélanie Counsell, ‘Usine de Frémaux’, 1993

Martin Creed, Work No. 227: The lights going on and off, 2000
Martin Creed, ‘Work No. 227: The lights going on and off’, 2000

George Brecht, ‘Three lamp events’, 1961. From Water Yam (1959-1966)
George Brecht, ‘Three lamp events’, 1961

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