Jørgen Leth, ‘Andy Warhol not rolling a joint’ (in 66 Scenes from America), 1981

Bierre Bismuth, April 28th 2008, for ‘Call and Response’, MUDAM Luxembourg

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On Kawara, ‘July 8, 1981’, 1981

Olav Westphalen, ‘One Day - 837.49 $ Per Square Inch (After On Kawara, “July 8, 1981 “, 1981)’, 2007

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Helmut Newton, ‘Sie kommen I’, 1981

Olivier Blanckart, Stiff(ie)s #6 (AFTER H. NEWTON), 2005

Leonard Nimoy, ‘The full body project’, 2008

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Helmut Newton, ‘Sie kommen II’, 1981

Jemima Stehli, ‘After Helmut Newton’s Sie kommen II’, 1999

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Helmut Newton, ‘Self-Portrait with Wife and Model’, Vogue Studio, Paris, 1981

Jemima Stehli, ‘Self Portrait with Karen’, 2000

Paolo Bade, ‘Tribute to Helmut Newton’, 2008, Second Life (Raft gallery)

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