Marcel Broodthaers, l’Ardoise Magique ou La Signature de l’Artiste, 1972

Michalis Pichler, Ardoise Magique - Le signature de lartiste, 2008
Michalis Pichler, ‘Ardoise Magique / Le signature de lartiste’, 2008

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Gerhard Richter, ‘Inpainting (Grey)’, 1972

Alain Sechas, ‘Grigri’, 2007

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Vito Acconci, ‘Seedbed’, 1972

MTAA (M. River & T. Whid Art Associates), VitoAcconciUpdate, 2002
MTAA (M. River & T. Whid Art Associates), ‘VitoAcconciUpdate’, 2002

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William Wegman, ‘Before/On/After’, 1972

Susana Reisman, ‘Permutations (after William Wegman)’, 2010
Susana Reisman, ‘Permutations (after William Wegman)’, 2010

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Nick Út, ‘Napalm Attack,’ 1972

Zbigniew Libera, ‘Nepal’, 2003 (from the series ‘Pozytywy,’ 2002-2003)

Banksy (1974), ‘Napalm,’ 2005, screenprint in colours on sturdy wove paper, 37 x 58 cm
Banksy, ‘Napalm,’ 2005

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Baldessari Sings Lewitt, 1972

Mario Garcia Torres, ‘Baldessari sings Sol LeWitt (karaoke version)’, 2004

‘Slip of the tongue’, Kenneth Goldsmith Sings Rosalind Krauss, 2006

Orchestra Futuro, ‘Newman performs Baldessari sings LeWitt (NpBsL)’, 2018

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Chris Burden, ‘Shoot’, 1972

Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG
Reenactment of Chris Burden’s Shoot
Synthetic Performance in Second Life, 2007

Scott Kildall, ‘Shoot’, 2006
Recreation of “Shoot »” by Chris Burden

Justin Benevides, Peter Fales and Dan Philocox, ‘Reenactment of Chris Burden’s Shoot’, 2007

Mikes Poppe, 2009

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