Roman Opalka, ‘1965 / 1-∞’, 1965-

Nicholas Nixon, ‘Brown Sister’, 1975-2007 (4 from the series of 31 b+w C-Prints)

Anabelle Hubaut, ‘Les escargots’, 1975-1988

Noah K, ‘Everyday’, 2000-2006

Ahree Lee, ‘Me’, 2001-2004


William Anastasi, ‘Free Will’, 1965

John Knight, ‘Site Displacement’, 1969

Gérald Minkoff, ‘L’envers à l’endroit’, 1970

Bruce Nauman, Video Surveillance Piece, Public Room, Private Room, 1969 – 1970

Vikenti  Komitski, Somethimes from a different angle things look quite the same, 2008
Vikenti Komitski, ‘Somethimes from a different angle things look quite the same’, 2008

Pascual Sisto, ‘Projected Self’, 2009

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James Rosenquist, ‘Spaghetti and Grass’, 1964-65

Sturtevant, ‘Rosenquist’s spaghetti & grass’ (study), 1996

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William Anastasi, ‘Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony’, 1965

Christian Marclay, The Beatles, 1989, magnetic tape
Christian Marclay, ‘The Beatles’, 1989

Gregor Hildebrandt, ‘Klangteppich’, 2008, cassette tape, 374 x 244 cm
Gregor Hildebrandt, ‘Klangteppich’, 2008

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Robert Morris, ‘Mirrored Cubes’, 1965

Michelangelo Pistoletto, ‘Metro cubo d’Infinito’, 1965-1966

Gavin Turk, ‘Robert Morris Untitled 1965-72,’ 1990, distressed mirror plate glass and wood in four parts, each 76 x 76 x 76 cm
Gavin Turk, ‘Robert Morris Untitled 1965-72,’ 1990

Jeppe Hein, ‘Broken Mirror Cubes,’ 2005, broken mirror glass on wooden cube in four parts, each 50 x 50 x 50 cm
Jeppe Hein, ‘Broken Mirror Cubes,’ 2005

Simon Dybbroe Møller, ‘Sir Norman Reid’, 2005

Jeremy Millar, Untitled (Mirror Cubes), 2010
Jeremy Millar, ‘Untitled (Mirror Cubes)’, 2010


Andy Warhol, ‘Electric Chair’, 1965

Mike Bidlo, ‘Not Warhol (Electric chair)’

Lucinda Devlin, ‘Electric Chair, Greensville Correctional Facility, Jarratt, -Virginia’, 1991

Benetton, 1992 (Oliviero Toscani)

Vik Muniz, 2004

Ivan Navarro, ‘White Electric Chair’, 2005

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Frank Stella, ‘Empress of India’, 1965

Bertrand Lavier, ‘Empress of India II’, 2005

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