Diego Velázquez, ‘Las Meninas,’ 1656

Francisco Goya, ‘Las Meninas’, 1778

Pablo Picasso, ‘Las Meninas’, 1957

Pablo Picasso, ‘Las Meninas’, 1957

Pablo Picasso, ‘Las Meninas’, 1957

Pablo Picasso, ‘Las Meninas’, 1957

Pablo Picasso, ‘Las Meninas’

Cristobal Toral, Daprès Las Meninas, 1975
Cristobal Toral, ‘D’après Las Meninas’, 1975

Manolo Valdés & Rafael Solves (Equipo Cronica), El recinte, 1971
Manolo Valdés & Rafael Solves (Equipo Cronica), ‘El recinte’, 1971

Philippe Comar, Objeto, 1978
Philippe Comar, ‘Objeto’, 1978

Louis Cane, Meninas ajupides, 1982
Louis Cane, ‘Meninas ajupides’, 1982

Soledad Sevilla, Las Meninas num. 9, 1981-83
Soledad Sevilla, ‘Las Meninas num. 9’, 1981-83

Micheline Lo, Les Ménines selon Hergé, 1985
Micheline Lo, ‘Les Ménines selon Hergé’, 1985

Joel Peter Witkin, ‘Las Meninas (Self Portrait)’, 1987

Avigdor Arikha, Interior del taller amb mirall, 1987
Avigdor Arikha, ‘Interior del taller amb mirall’, 1987

Herman Braun-Vega, double éclairage sur Occident (Velazquez et Picasso), 1987
Herman Braun-Vega, ‘double éclairage sur Occident (Velázquez et Picasso)’, 1987

Henri Jacobs, Salle à manger - salle à mourir, 1988-89
Henri Jacobs, ‘Salle à manger - salle à mourir’, 1988-89

Iz Maglow, Las Meninas, 1990
Iz Maglow, ‘Las Meninas’, 1990

Giulio Paolini, Contemplator Enim VI (Fuori l
Giulio Paolini, ‘Contemplator Enim VI (Fuori l’autore)’, 1991

Sophie Matisse, Las Meninas, 2001
Sophie Matisse, ‘Las Meninas’, 2001

Eve Sussman, ‘89 Seconds at Alcazar’, 2003

Howard Podeswa, ‘The Walkers (after Las Meninas)’, 2005

Thomas Struth, Las Meninas by Velasquez (Prado), 2005
Thomas Struth, ‘Las Meninas by Velasquez (Prado)’, 2005

Lluis Barba, ‘Las Meninas (after Velasquez)’, 2007

Google, 2008

Alexander Stanuga, Las Meninas, 2008
Alexander Stanuga, ‘Las Meninas’, 2008

Gérard Rancinan, Les Ménines, 2009
Gérard Rancinan, ‘Les Ménines’, 2009

Bob Kessel, Las Meninas, 2009
Bob Kessel, ‘Las Meninas’, 2009

Natalie Pereira, ‘Las Meninas’, 2011
Natalie Pereira, ‘Las Meninas’, 2011

Josephine Meckseper , ‘Las Meninas (2Xist),’ 2013, pigment prints on anodize aluminum, acrylic on wood, concrete, aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel in stainless steel and glass vitrine, 247.65 x 182.88 x 121.92 cm
Josephine Meckseper, ‘Las Meninas (2Xist),’ 2013

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    And also, comment posted September 14th 2010

    by Howard Podeswa

    A friend sent me the link. Nice to see my painting in good company. There are a number of other historical sources that I came across while researching this piece: For example, Sargent’s ‘The Daughters of Edward Boit’ as well as Eakins’ “The Gross Clinic’ are both riffs on Meninas.

    John Singer Sargent, Daughters of Edward Darley Boit, 1882
    John Singer Sargent, ‘Daughters of Edward Darley Boit’, 1882

    Thomas Eakins, The Gross Clinic, 1875
    Thomas Eakins, ‘The Gross Clinic’, 1875

    And also, comment posted September 14th 2010

    Luca Signorelli, Life of St. Benedict, 1497-1498
    Luca Signorelli, ‘Life of St. Benedict’, 1497-1498 [detail]

    And also, comment posted September 14th 2010

    Garry Winogrand, 1964
    Garry Winogrand, 1964

    And also, comment posted October 30th 2010

    Richard Hamilton, ‘Picasso’s Meninas’, 1973

    And also, comment posted June 29th 2011

    by Sally Felton

    Take a look at ARTnews cover from the 1980s . . . ‘ Las Meninas¨ in a middle class setting. It has a banner What Makes a Masterpiece. Recently the New Yorker magazine had one that looks like a David Hockney.

    And also, comment posted September 7th 2011

    by GDR

    José Manuel Ballester, “Las meninas”, Velázquez

    Equipo Crónica, Meninas
    Equipo Crónica, ‘Meninas’

    Cea, Las Meninas with Droste Effect II, 2011
    Cea, ‘Las Meninas with Droste Effect II’, 2011

    And also, comment posted November 5th 2011

    by Nachoben


    Os envío una nuevas aportaciones sobre el tema de Las Meninas.


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