Sherrie Levine, ‘After Walker Evans’, 1979

Michael Mandiberg, ‘’, 2001

Eric Doeringer, Sherrie Levine (Walker Evans), 2001
Eric Doeringer, ‘Sherrie Levine (Walker Evans)’, 2001

Ane Mette Hol, Untitled (After Sherrie Levine
Ane Mette Hol, ‘Untitled (After Sherrie Levine’s Art History)’, 2007

Gabriel Díaz Romero, ‘Allie Mae Burroughs (after all)’, 2011

    And also, comment posted November 2nd 2011

    by GDR

    Karmelo Bermejo, After Sherrie Levine after Walker Evans
    Karmelo Bermejo, ‘After Sherrie Levine after Walker Evans’
    [Sherrie Levine's photographs cut from books from the public library]

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