Cindy Sherman, ‘Untitled Film Still #21′, 1978

Aneta Grzeszykowska, Untitled Film Stills, 21, 2006
Aneta Grzeszykowska, ‘Untitled Film Stills, #21′, 2006

John Slone, ‘Untitled Film Still #21, Tribute Series: Cindy Sherman’, 2007

Tom Starkweather, DIY Famous Photographs - Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still 21, 1978, 2008
Tom Starkweather, ‘DIY Famous Photographs - Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still 21, 1978′, 2008

Mike Mertz, Untitled Film Still 21, 2008
Mike Mertz, ‘Untitled Film Still 21′, 2008

Jose Ramon Amondarain, Untiltled film still 21, 2009
Jose Ramon Amondarain, ‘Untiltled film still 21′, 2009

Sandra Sperhake und Dieter Hoppe, Fake Art, Cindy Sherman, 2011
Sandra Sperhake und Dieter Hoppe, ‘Fake Art, Cindy Sherman’, 2011

    And also, comment posted June 3rd 2011

    by Steve

    What made you think to use a “Bratz” doll to pay tribute to Cindy Sherman? The ideas and morals behind and represented by these dolls seem so contradictory to what Sherman’s photos are about that I can’t comprehend the connection. Sherman’s work always comments on gender and is focused on it, so I think I’m just a little lost on the connection.

    And also, comment posted November 23rd 2011

    by Dieter Hoppe

    FAKEART.DE is a photographic project by Sandra Sperhake and Dieter Hoppe. Here they let everyday-situations correspond to the works of wellknown artists - for example by pretending a pile of waste would be an installation of Anselm Kiefer. So passers-by at the location or visitors on this website might be amazed by things or constallations they did not recognize otherwise. Alternatively they create captures reflecting works of fine art.

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