Leonardo da Vinci, ‘Ultima cena,’ 1495

Giovanni Mauro Della Rovere, Ultima cena, 1626
Giovanni Mauro Della Rovere, ‘Ultima cena’, 1626

Rembrandt, The Last Supper, after Leonardo da Vinci, 1634-1635
Rembrandt, ‘The Last Supper, after Leonardo da Vinci’, 1634-1635

Marsden Hartley, Fishermans Last Supper, 1940-41
Marsden Hartley, ‘Fisherman’s Last Supper’, 1940-41

Joseph Steib, ‘La Dernière scène’, 1943, huile sur panneau de bois
Joseph Steib, ‘La Dernière scène’, 1943

Luis Bunuel, ‘Viridiana’, 1961

Kurt Trampedach, Nadverbillede, 1969
Kurt Trampedach, ‘Nadverbillede’, 1969

Beatriz Gonzalez, La ultima mesa, 1970
Beatriz Gonzalez, ‘La ultima mesa’, 1970

Robert Altman, ‘Mash’, 1970

Mary Beth Edelson, ‘Some Living American Women Artists/Last Supper’, 1971

Robert Crumb, The Last Supplement, 1971
Robert Crumb, ‘The Last Supplement’, 1971

Ultra Violet, The last Supper, 1972
Ultra Violet, ‘The last Supper’, 1972

Guy Peellaert, Elvis Presley is a King, 1970-1975
Guy Peellaert, ‘Elvis Presley is a King’, 1970-1975

Noémia Cruz, Isto é o meu corpo, 1979
Noémia Cruz, ‘Isto é o meu corpo’, 1979

Marisol Escobar, ‘Last Supper’, 1982-84

Andy Warhol, ‘The Last Supper’, 1986

Kendell Geers (1968), ‘After Leonardo,’ 1992, mixed media on board, 59 x 83 cm
Kendell Geers, ‘After Leonardo,’ 1992

Frank Herholdt, 1996, for Tela Tablecloths
Frank Herholdt, 1996, for Tela

Aubrey Hallis, ‘The Last Breakfast’, 1996

Sam Taylor-Wood (1967), ‘Wrecked,’ 1996, Cibachrome print, 10.8 x 26.7 cm
Sam Taylor-Wood, ‘Wrecked,’ 1996

Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Chapel of the Eucharist, Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church’, 1997, graphite pencil and colored pencil on paper, 27.7 x 21.6 cm
Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Chapel of the Eucharist, Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church’, 1997

Atariboy2600, ‘The Last Software’, 1997

Wang Qingsong, ‘Last Supper’, 1997

Raoef Mamedov, ‘The Last Supper’, 1997

Volkwagen, 1997

Olivier Christinant, ‘Le Repas’, 1994-98

Bohdan Piasecki, ‘Last Supper’, 1998

Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, 1998

That 70s Show (Streaking), 1998
in ‘That 70’s Show (Streaking)’, 1998

Vik Muniz, Last Supper (Pictures of Chocolate), 1998, tripych-Chromogenic print, 142.2 x 351.1 cm
Vik Muniz, ‘Last Supper (Pictures of Chocolate)’, 1998

Damien Hirst (1965), ‘The Last Supper,’ 1999, 13 color screenprints on Somerset paper, 152.4 x 101.5 cm
Damien Hirst, ‘The Last Supper,’ 1999

Annie Leibowitz, ‘The Sopranos’, 1999

Black Sabbath, ‘Last Supper’, 1999

Adi Nes, ‘Untitled’, 1999

Leon Ferrari, La ultima cena, 2000
León Ferrari, ‘La última cena’, 2000

Dick Detzner, ‘Last Pancake Suppe’r, 2000

Hiroshi Sugimoto (1948), ‘The Last Supper,’ 2000, gelatin silver prints mounted on panel, 151 x 739 cm
Hiroshi Sugimoto, ‘The Last Supper,’ 2000

Ernest T, acrylique sur bois tendu sur châssis, système antimite, 1989-2001
Ernest T, acrylique sur bois tendu sur châssis, système antimite, 1989-2001

Renée Cox, ‘Yo mama’s last supper’, 1996-2001

Zeng Fanzhi, ‘Last Supper’, 2002

David LaChapelle, ‘Jesus is my homeboy: Last Supper’, 2003

Cui Xiuwen, ‘Sanjie’, 2003

Brandon Bird, The Last Supper, 2003
Brandon Bird, ‘The Last Supper’, 2003

John Reardon, ‘Last Supper’, 2003

Stano Masár, ‘After Leonardo’, 2004

‘Shameless Returns’, 2004


Cynthia Fraula-Hahn, ‘Frida Kahlo’s Last Supper’, 2005

Eric Deschamps, ‘Star Wars Last Supper’, 2005

Devorah Sperber, After the Last Supper,  2005
Devorah Sperber, ‘After the Last Supper’, 2005

The Devil’s Rejects, 2005

Guerre de la Paz (Heraldo de la Paz & Alain Guerra), ‘Last Supper’, 2005

Marithé et François Girbaud, 2005

Paddy Power, 2005

Simpsons (Thank god its doomsday), 2005
in ‘Simpsons (Thank god its doomsday)’, 2005

Last Supper After Dinner Mints, 2006
Last Supper After Dinner Mints, 2006

Ann Huey, ‘Naked at the Last Supper’, 2006

Mischa, ‘Donkey Kong’s Last Supper’, 2006

Ron English, ‘Last Breakfast’, 2006

Bears Against AIDS, 2006

Good Clean fun, 2006

Bernard Benant, 99F La scène, 2007
Bernard Benant, ‘99F La scène’, 2007

Terence Koh, ‘God’, 2007

Chad Coombs, Fast Supper, 2007
Chad Coombs, ‘Fast Supper’, 2007

Wang Nengtao, ‘The last supper’, 2007

Christoph Schlingensief, ‘Last Supper’, 2007

Folsom Street Fair, 2007

Jorge de Sousa, A última ceia, 2007
Jorge de Sousa, ‘A última ceia’, 2007

Bastoon, ‘iLastSupper’, 2007

Euro RSCG, ‘Mortein. Kills all rats’, 2007

Francine LeClercq, Mise en (s)cène, 2007
Francine LeClercq, ‘Mise en (s)cène’, 2007

Dark Alley Media, ‘Passio’, 2007

Battlestar Galactica, Last Supper, 2008
Battlestar Galactica, ‘Last Supper’, 2008

Travis Hammond, ‘iPhone Last Supper’, 2008

Dr. House Last Supper, 2008

Ariadhitya Pramuhendra, ‘The Last Supper’, 2008


Fellini’s Pizza

Ju Duoqi, ‘The Vegetable Museum - 05’, 2008

Howard Schatz, Underwater Last Supper, 2008
Howard Schatz, ‘Underwater Last Supper’, 2008

Shea Baker, from ‘Final photo project’, 2008

Gérard Rancinan, The Big Supper, 2008
Gérard Rancinan, ‘The Big Supper’, 2008

South Park (Margaritaville), 2009
in ‘South Park (Margaritaville)’, 2009

cementBloc agency, 2009

Gabriel Oviedo - SentidoG, ‘La Cena’, 2009

Ben Willikens, Raum 608 (Last Supper), 2009
Ben Willikens, R‘aum 608 (Last Supper),’ 2009

Nathalie André, Nous les filles, on fait des cènes, 2009
Nathalie André, ‘Nous les filles, on fait des cènes’, 2009

Pierre Etaix, La Scène, 2010
Pierre Etaix, ‘La Scène’, 2010

Jason Alper, Who
Jason Alper, ‘Who’s Paying?,’ 2010

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    And also, comment posted July 2nd 2008

    Codex Purpureus Rossanensis [detail], c 500
    ‘Codex Purpureus Rossanensis’ [detail], c 500

    Andrea de Castagno, LUltima Cena, 1447
    Andrea de Castagno, ‘L’Ultima Cena’, 1447

    And also, comment posted July 2nd 2008




    And also, comment posted January 14th 2010

    by Assane

    1 other pic

    Lost, Last Supper, 2010
    Lost, ‘Last Supper’, 2010

    And also, comment posted February 7th 2010

    by Digi

    You missed the Zombie last supper!!!

    Zombie Last Supper
    Zombie Last Supper

    And also, comment posted September 1st 2010

    by Anabella Reggiani

    you are missing:

    Marcos Lopez, Cena
    Marcos Lopez, ‘Asado en Mendiolaza’, 2001

    And also, comment posted November 25th 2010

    by ehrmann thierry Abode of Chaos

    Thierry Ehrmann, The Last Supper, 2010

    The Last Supper

    “One of you will betray me”
    “En vérité, en verité je vous le dis, l’un d’entre vous me livrera”

    La Bible de Jérusalem
    Jean, chapitre 13

    This digital reworking of Leonardo da Vinci’s most universal painting, the Last Supper, is the first of the 99 works of the art book to be published by the OrgAne Museum in the first semester of 2011. Our lives are a series of encounters consisting of the poetic symmetry dear to Baudelaire’s heart. In this case, the universe of Christophe Dessaigne/Midnight-digital and the universe of the Abode of Chaos share the same world view. To the prejudice of certain people, the culture that is common to the cyberpunk clergy of the Abode and Midnight-digital is the “Post-Apo”, also known as Post-Apocalyptic or post-Nuke (Post-Nuclear).

    This approach is based on a veritable philosophy between the end of a civilisation and the emergence of a chaos that found a new world. Far from being a contradiction, this aesthetic and existential approach is certainly Nietzschean by the challenges to be faced in the romanticism of the ruins of the Western World; but it is also profoundly humanist because it allows us to imagine and to build a set of principles on our real world.

    Etymologically speaking, the Apocalypse is a revelation. Our work with Christophe will be to share with you, within the realm of Art, a fraternal look at the embers of white man’s Empire in ruins. We therefore have to start with our first work. It was, without any hesitation, the Last Supper that confirmed Da Vinci’s thesis of “movements of the soul”, the intensity of which is intemporal.

    This reworking of the painting thus allows us to open our works in the Bunker of the Abode of Chaos, which is one of the Cathedrals of Light of the Post-Apocalyptic era. This fraternal and symbolic communion could only be lived by the cyberpunk clergy of the inner circle of the Abode of Chaos.

    thierry Ehrmann 2010

    Cette relecture numérique du plus universel tableau de Leonardo da Vinci : la Cène,
    Le dernier souper est la première planche des 99 du livre d’art à paraître aux Editions du musée l’OrgAne au premier semestre 2011. Notre vie est une série de rencontres faites de correspondances chères à Baudelaire. En l’occurence, l’univers de Christophe Dessaigne/Digital Midnight et l’univers de la Demeure du Chaos partagent le même regard du monde. Au grand dam de certains, notre culture commune entre le clergé cyber-punk de la DDC et Midnight Digital est la “Post-Apo” appelée aussi : post-Apocalyptique ou post-Nuke (Post-Nuclear).

    Cette démarche relève d’une véritable philosophie entre la fin d’une civilisation et l’émergence d’un chaos fondateur d’un monde nouveau. Loin d’être une contradiction, cette démarche esthétique et existentielle est certes Nietschéenne par les défis à relever dans le romantisme des ruines de l’Occident, mais elle est aussi profondément humaniste car elle permet d’imaginer et de bâtir un discours fondateur sur notre monde réel.

    L’Apocalypse étymologiquement parlant est une révélation. Notre travail avec Christophe sera, dans le champ des arts plastiques, de vous faire partager un regard fraternel sur les braises de l’Empire en ruines de l’homme blanc. Nous devons donc commencer par notre première planche. Ce fût sans hésiter la Cène qui confirme la thèse de Da Vinci “des mouvements de l’âme” dont l’intensité est intemporelle.

    Ainsi, cette relecture nous permet d’ouvrir nos travaux dans le Bunker de la Demeure du Chaos qui est une des Cathédrales de Lumière du post-Apocalyptique. Cette communion fraternelle et symbolique ne pouvait se vivre qu’avec le clergé cyber-punk du premier cercle de la DDC.

    thierry Ehrmann 2010

    Photography: Christophe Midnight- digital Dessaigne

    thierry Ehrmann:Author Abode of Chaos/Demeure du Chaos

    Lightmaster: Marquis

    Remerciements de gauche à droite du clergé Cyber Punk
    formant la garde prétorienne de la DDC :
    Thierry Loir dit: Géant
    Marc del Piano
    L’Androïde Hector
    Thomas Foucher
    thierry Ehrmann
    Kurt Ehrmann
    Sydney Ehrmann
    Pierrick dit Cart’1
    Laurent Lardon dit LoLo
    Laurent Courau
    Location: Bunker Abode of Chaos/Demeure du Chaos 1999/2010

    Extrait du livre d’Art à paraître au 1 er semestre 2011 par Organ Museum


    courtesy of Organ Museum

    And also, comment posted November 8th 2011

    by GDR

    Giovan Pietro Rizzoli (Giampietrino), The Last Supper, c. 1520, oil on canvas, 302 x 785 cm
    Giovan Pietro Rizzoli (Giampietrino), ‘The Last Supper’, c. 1520

    Charlotte Bracegirdle, Last Supper, 2010, acrylic on print, 102 x 61.5cm
    Charlotte Bracegirdle, ‘Last Supper’, 2010

    Popeye Last Supper
    Popeye Last Supper

    Bugs Bunny Last Supper
    Bugs Bunny Last Supper

    Mickey Mouse Last Supper
    Mickey Mouse Last Supper

    cinema stars Last Supper
    cinema stars Last Supper

    Bob Dylan Last Supper
    Bob Dylan Last Supper

    rock icons Last Supper
    rock icons Last Supper

    Mao Last Supper
    Mao Last Supper
    scientists Last Supper
    scientists Last Supper

    And also, comment posted December 13th 2011

    by rtze

    J’aimerais vous faire part de quelques images qui sont antérieurs de la cènes de léonard.

    etruschi from rtze

    mosaique from rtze

    banquet from rtze

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