p.t.t.red (Stefan Micheel & Hans Winkler), ‘Golden section through Berlin’, 1988

Chris Doyle, Commutable, 1996, 22-karat gold leaf, Williamsburg Bridge, Lower East Side Manhattan, ongoing
Chris Doyle, ‘Commutable’, 1996

Joost Goudriaan, Freedrain, part of the series Foolproof & Public Space, 2010, 24-carat gilded manhole cover, Eendrachtsplein, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Joost Goudriaan, ‘Freedrain’ (24-karat gilded manhole cover), 2010

    And also, comment posted October 18th 2011

    by GDR

    Karmelo Bermejo, “Solid gold hooks”, 2009

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