Julian Opie, ‘Imagine you can order these 1,2,3,4’, 1993

Jean-Pascal Flavien, Person(ne) A person(ne) B, 2010
Jean-Pascal Flavien, ‘Person(ne) A person(ne) B’, 2010

Yto Barrada, Lyautey Unit Blocks, 2010
Yto Barrada, ‘Lyautey Unit Blocks’, 2010

    And also, comment posted November 23rd 2010

    Robert Breer, Floats, 1965
    Robert Breer, ‘Floats’, 1965

    Robert Morris, Untitled (Three L-Beams), 1969 (1965)
    Robert Morris, ‘Untitled (Three L-Beams)’, 1969 (1965)

    Helio Oiticica, Cosmococa2: Onobject, (collaboration with Neville DAlmeida), 1973
    Helio Oiticica, ‘Cosmococa2: Onobject’, (collaboration with Neville D’Almeida), 1973

    Gerwald Rockenschaub, Untitled, 2008
    Gerwald Rockenschaub, ‘Untitled’, 2008

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