Jasper Johns, ‘Flag’, 1955

Richard Pettibone, ‘Jasper Johns flag 1955’, 1967

Robert Longo, Black Flag, 1999

Lovett/Codagnone, ‘Stripped’, 2006

Marc Bijl,‘ Don’t Tread on Me’, 2007

João Louro, The First 3 Seconds Count Of The Automatic Chronographer, 2008
João Louro, ‘The First 3 Seconds Count Of The Automatic Chronographer’, 2008

    And also, comment posted June 11th 2008

    Mungo Thompson, ‘Freak Flag’, 2001

    Joseph Havel, Single Star, 2007, bronze

    Banks Violette, Not Yet Titled (Flag Edition), 2010
    Banks Violette, ‘Not Yet Titled (Flag Edition)’, 2010

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    Marcel Broodthaers, Le Drapeau Noir (The Black Flag), 1968-1972, acrylic on stamped plastic plate, 83.8 x 119.4cm
    Marcel Broodthaers, ‘Le Drapeau Noir (The Black Flag)’, 1968-1972

    Reuben Lorch-Miller, ‘Untitled (Give Up)’, 2005

    Costa Vece, ‘Black Flag’, 2007

    Claire Fontaine (a series of black flags hung from gardening tools, displaying text by Gilbert Simondon)

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    by GDR

    Santiago Sierra, Bandera negra de la República Española, 2007. Schellmann Edition, Munich, Alemania
    Santiago Sierra, ‘Bandera negra de la República Española’, 2007

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