Piet Mondrian, ‘Composition with Red Yellow and Blue’, 1927

Ellsworth Kelly, Red, Yellow, Blue, 1951
Ellsworth Kelly, ‘Red, Yellow, Blue’, 1951

Jasper Johns, Out the Window, 1959
Jasper Johns, ‘Out the Window’, 1959

Hans Hofmann, The Gate, 1959-1960
Hans Hofmann, ‘The Gate’, 1959-1960

Barnett Newman, Whos Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?, 1966
Barnett Newman, ‘Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?’, 1966

Keith Haring, Red, Yellow, and Blue, 1987
Keith Haring, ‘Red, Yellow, and Blue’, 1987

Alexandra Croitoru, ROM_, 2004
Alexandra Croitoru, ‘ROM_’, 2004

Born Ruffians, Red Yellow & Blue, 2008
Born Ruffians, ‘Red Yellow & Blue’, 2008

Polly Apfelbaum, Stax, 2009
Polly Apfelbaum, ‘Stax’, 2009

Nixon Watches, VEGA white red yellow blue
Nixon Watches, ‘Vega white red yellow blue’

Bertrand Lavier, Composition rouge, jaune et bleue, 2010
Bertrand Lavier, ‘Composition rouge, jaune et bleue,’ 2010

    And also, comment posted October 16th 2010

    Colombia National Flag, 1819
    Colombia National Flag, 1819

    Romania National Flag, 1867
    Romania National Flag, 1867

    Chad National Flag
    Chad National Flag

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