Man Ray, ‘Man Ray 1914’, 1914

Francis Picabia, Francis Picabia par Francis Picabia, c. 1920-22
Francis Picabia, ‘Francis Picabia par Francis Picabia’, c. 1920-22

Maurice Lemaître, Portrait of a name, 1950
Maurice Lemaître, ‘Portrait of a name’, 1950

Ben Vautier, Ben, 1958
Ben Vautier, ‘Ben’, 1958

Edward Ruscha, E. Ruscha, 1959
Edward Ruscha, ‘E. Ruscha’, 1959

Bruce Nauman, My name as though it were written on the surface of the moon, 1968
Bruce Nauman, ‘My name as though it were written on the surface of the moon’, 1968

Alighiero Boetti, Self Portrait, 1968
Alighiero Boetti, ‘Self Portrait’, 1968

Marcel Broodthaers, La signature, serie 1, 1969
Marcel Broodthaers, ‘La signature, série 1’, 1969

Ed Paschke, Cadmium Signature, 1979
Ed Paschke, ‘Cadmium Signature’, 1979

Futura 2000, Futura 2000, c. 1980
Futura 2000, ‘Futura 2000’, c. 1980

Mike Kelley, Pond Gift, 1987
Mike Kelley, ‘Pond Gift’, 1987

Maurizio Cattelan, Catttelan, 1994
Maurizio Cattelan, ‘Catttelan’, 1994

Gavin Turk, Knob, 1997
Gavin Turk, ‘Knob’, 1997

Mustafa Hulusi, 1998
Mustafa Hulusi, 1998

Sean Landers, Sean, Sean, Sean, 2000
Sean Landers, ‘Sean, Sean, Sean’, 2000

Glenn Ligon, En El Cielo, 2001
Glenn Ligon, ‘En El Cielo’, 2001

Tiravanija Rirkrit, Untitled (Paul writing my name, No. 3), 2003
Tiravanija Rirkrit, ‘Untitled (Paul writing my name, No. 3)’, 2003

Josh Smith, 2003
Josh Smith, 2003

Michael Stumpf, Autograph, 2005
Michael Stumpf, ‘Autograph’, 2005

Johannes Wohnseifer, Selbstportrait Nr. 2 (after CW), 2006
Johannes Wohnseifer, ‘Selbstportrait Nr. 2 (after CW)’, 2006

David Shrigley, Shrigs, 2006
David Shrigley, ‘Shrigs’, 2006

Michalis Pichler, pichler pichler, 2007
Michalis Pichler, ‘pichler pichler’, 2007

Thomas Lélu, Lélu by…, 2007
Thomas Lélu, ‘Lélu by…’, 2007

Saâdane Afif, sdnefif, 2007
Saâdane Afif, ‘sdnefif’, 2007

    And also, comment posted September 23rd 2010

    William Anastasi, This is not my signature, 1978
    William Anastasi,‘ This is not my signature’, 1978

    Pierre Bismuth, Certificat d
    Pierre Bismuth, ‘Certificat d’authenticité’, 2000

    And also, comment posted September 23rd 2010

    P22 Type Foundry, Artist Signature Font Pack
    P22 Type Foundry, ‘Artist Signature Font Pack’

    Rob Pruitt, Signature Series, 2009
    Rob Pruitt, ‘Signature Series’, 2009

    Helen Marten, Men of the mark (gold), 2010
    Helen Marten, ‘Men of the mark (gold)’, 2010

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