Cildo Meireles, ‘Red Shift I: Impregnation’, 1967-1984

Guy Limone, ‘Red Tapestry’, 1998

Joël Hubaut, ‘Clom Trok Lu Pink Pink’, 2001

Helga Steppan, ‘See Through - All My Things - Red’, 2004

JeongMee Yoon, ‘The Pink & Blue Project - SeoWoo and Her Pink Things’, 2006

Thomas Hirschhorn, Secession 2008
Thomas Hirschhorn, ‘Secession’, 2008

Gilles Ouaki for the Leica Store, Paris, 2010
Gilles Ouaki for the Leica Store, Paris, 2010

    And also, comment posted August 28th 2009

    Henri Matisse, ‘Harmonie en rouge’, 1908

    Pablo Picasso, ‘Les noces de Pierrette’, 1905

    James Whistler, ‘Arrangement in Grey and Black’, 1871

    Francisco Goya, ‘The Pilgrimage of San Isidro’,1820-1821

    And also, comment posted March 2nd 2010

    A kills B., Yellow Monochrome, 2008
    A kills B., ‘Yellow Monochrome’, 2008

    Elodie Lesourd, The Dead, 2010
    Elodie Lesourd, ‘The Dead,’ 2010

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