M.C. Escher, ‘Drawing Hands’, 1948

Miranda Sherwin, Barnaby Hall, 1989, Origami from Angelfish to Zen book cover
Miranda Sherwin, Barnaby Hall, 1989, book cover

Jeremy Shafer, ‘Folding hands’, 2001 (folding Dan of Toasters)

Kevin E. Davis, ‘Drawing Hands’

Ippolito, ‘Escher Sketch’

t-shirthumor.com, ‘Escher Sketch’, 2006

Doozzle @ Flkcker, ‘”Drawing Hands” - An homage to M.C. Escher’, 2006

Josh Sommers, ‘Sculpturing hands’, 2006

Shane Willis, MC Mechanic, 2007

Morgan Rockhill, 2008

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    by In the thick of it | Lost In Recursion

    Faelle, Eschers drawing hands, 2008
    Faelle, ‘Escher’s drawing hands’, 2008

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