Edward Hopper, ‘Nighthawks’, 1942

Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment, 1997
‘Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment’, 1997

‘That 70s show - Drive In’, 1998 [Excerpt]

Banksy, Are you using that chair, 2005
Banksy, ‘Are you using that chair’, 2005

CSI (CBS), The New Season, 2006
CSI (CBS), ‘The New Season’, 2006

Eugenio Recuenco, for the Lavazza Calendar, 2007
Eugenio Recuenco, for the ‘Lavazza Calendar’, 2007

Chad Coombs, Nightawks, 2008
Chad Coombs, ‘Nightawks’, 2008

Nighthawks Forever @ blogspot, 2009
‘Nighthawks Forever’ @ blogspot, 2009

    And also, comment posted October 27th 2010



    And also, comment posted November 10th 2011

    by GDR

    Equipo Crónica, Edición de noche (Hopper), 1974
    Equipo Crónica, ‘Edición de noche (Hopper)’, 1974

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