Robert Rauschenberg, ‘Factum I & Factum II’, 1957

Alex Katz, ‘Ada Ada’, 1959

Mario Schifano, Aut aut, 1960
Mario Schifano, ‘Aut aut’, 1960

Andy Warhol, ‘Double Elvis’, 1963

Antony Donaldson, Mulsanne Straight, 1964
Antony Donaldson, ‘Mulsanne Straight’, 1964

Brice Marden, ‘Untitled’, 1965

William Anastasi, Subway Drawing (V. Dwan), 1968, pencil on paper, 19 x 28,5 cm
William Anastasi, ‘Subway Drawing (V. Dwan)’, 1968

Jo Baer, ‘Untitled (vertical flanking diptych - red)’, 1966-74

Jasper Johns, Flags I, 1973
Jasper Johns, ‘Flags I’, 1973

Guy de cointet, Two Drawing, 1974
Guy de Cointet, Two Drawings, 1974

Thomas Schutte, Paar [Pair], 1979
Thomas Schutte, ‘Paar’ [Pair], 1979

Thomas Schutte, Paare, 1980, lined up in the studio
Thomas Schutte, ‘Paare’, 1980, lined up in the studio

Jean Michel Basquiat (1960-1988), ‘Untitled (Jet Mixer Ejector),’ 1985, two elements--acrylic on colored Xerox, 27.9 x 21.6 cm
Jean Michel Basquiat, ‘Untitled (Jet Mixer Ejector),’ 1985

Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Imperfect Diptych’, 1988

Peter Friedl, ‘5 bis 6 Amazonaskrokodile’, 1990

Bernard Piffaretti, ‘Sans titre’, 1991

Joan Mitchell, ‘Sunflowers II’, 1992

Dan Walsh, Reflector, 1995, acrylic on canvas, 178 x 177.8 cm
Dan Walsh, ‘Reflector’, 1995, acrylic on canvas, 178 x 177.8 cm

Nina Childress, Blurriness (Kodak tree) Blurriness (Agfa tree), 2000
Nina Childress, ‘Blurriness (Kodak tree) Blurriness (Agfa tree)’, 2000

Adrienne Ranson, ‘Becoming’, 2004

Lisa Tan, Two in the Labyrinth, 2006
Lisa Tan, ‘Two in the Labyrinth’, 2006

Marijn van Kreij, ‘Untitled (Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats)’, 2007

Ryan Gander, Investigation #13, Look, 2008
Ryan Gander, ‘Investigation #13, Look’, 2008

Dan Rees, Payne
Dan Rees, ‘Payne’s Grey and Vermillion’, 2010

Brent Wadden, ‘Large Double Double,’ 2014, hand woven fibres, wool, cotton and acrylic on canvas, in artist’s frame, 182 by 212.5 cm
Brent Wadden, ‘Large Double Double,’ 2014

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    And also, comment posted August 25th 2009

    Peter Hallay, Double Elvis, 1990
    Peter Hallay, ‘Double Elvis’, 1990

    Zhang Dali, ‘N.10.May 1958 Mao Zedong taking part into the volunteer labor’, 2006

    And also, comment posted December 26th 2011

    by GDR

    Jasper Johns, Two Maps II, 1966
    Jasper Johns, ‘Two Maps II’, 1966

    And also, comment posted December 27th 2011

    by GDR

    Marcel Duchamp , Stéréoscopie à la Main, 1918-1919
    Marcel Duchamp , ‘Stéréoscopie à la Main’, 1918-1919

    And also, comment posted December 28th 2011

    Frank Stella, For Picabia, 1961, oil on canvas laid down on masonite, 28.5 x 57.1 cm
    Frank Stella, ‘For Picabia’, 1961

    Richard Lindner, Double Portrait, 1965, 101.9 x 152.5 cm
    Richard Lindner, ‘Double Portrait’, 1965

    Richard Anuszkiewicz, Double Red, 1973, acrylic on panel, 58.4 x 78.7 cm
    Richard Anuszkiewicz, ‘Double Red’, 1973

    And also, comment posted January 20th 2012

    by GDR

    Gabriel Orozco, Dépliages, 2007
    Gabriel Orozco, ‘Dépliages’, 2007

    Juan Carlos Roman, Ornatisimo, 2009
    Juan Carlos Roman, ‘Ornatisimo’, 2009

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