Robert Rauschenberg, ‘Erased de Kooning Drawing’, 1953

Mark Flood, ‘Arty Reference with Apocalyptic Feel’, 1997

Remco Torenbosch, ‘We’ll Choke On Our Vomit And That Will Be The End (The Destroyed Image Serie)’, 2006 - 2008, Oil paint on canvas directly deleted by turpentine and bleach

Peter Baldes, ‘Erased de Kooning’, 2007

Peter Baldes, ‘Erased de Kooning’, 2007

Leonel Moura, Erased Rauschenberg 1/5, 2007
Leonel Moura, ‘Erased Rauschenberg 1/5’, 2007

Adam Cruces, Deleted Rauschenberg, 2011
Adam Cruces, ‘Deleted Rauschenberg’, 2011

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