Umberto Boccioni, ‘Io-Noi’, 1907

Marcel Duchamp, ‘Autour d’une table’, 1917


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    by GDR

    Francis Picabia at New York, 1917
    Francis Picabia at New York, 1917

    Orson Wells, in The lady from Shangai, 1947
    Orson Wells, in ‘The Lady from Shangai’, 1947

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz, in All about Eve, 1950
    Joseph L. Mankiewicz, in ‘All about Eve’, 1950

    Vincente Minnelli, in Father of the Bride, 1950
    Vincente Minnelli, in ‘Father of the Bride’, 1950

    Alexander Mackendrick, in The Man in the White Suit, 1951
    Alexander Mackendrick, in ‘The Man in the White Suit’, 1951

    Juan Diego Solanas, in L’Homme Sans Tête, 2003
    Juan Diego Solanas, in ‘L’Homme Sans Tête’, 2003

    Douglas Gordon, Proposition for a Posthumous Portrait, 2004
    Douglas Gordon, ‘Proposition for a Posthumous Portrait’, 2004

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