Chris Burden, ‘The Big Wheel’, 1979

Wolf Vostell, Sarajevo, 1994
Wolf Vostell, ‘Sarajevo’, 1994

Xavier Veilhan, ‘Le tour’, 1996

Richard Jackson, ‘Cra Z Boy’, 2003

Bestué & Vives, ‘Encargos dificiles’, [exhibition view], 2011, Galerie Crèvecoeur, Paris
Bestué & Vives, ‘Encargos dificiles’, [exhibition view], 2011

    And also, comment posted October 6th 2008

    Damien Hirst, ‘Beautiful Cyclonic Bleeding Slashing Hurricane Dippy Cowards Painting’, 1992

    And also, comment posted September 15th 2010

    Sam Zealey, Tread-Wheel

    And also, comment posted November 7th 2011

    by GDR

    Daniel Eatock, ‘Burnout Circle Drawing’, 2010

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