Michael Snow, ‘Blind’, 1968

Bruce Nauman, ‘Double Steel cage Piece’, 1974

Fabrice Gygi, ‘Palissades’, 2000
Fabrice Gygi, ‘Palissades’, 2000

Alfredo Jaar, Infinite Cell, 2004
Alfredo Jaar, ‘Infinite Cell’, 2004

Jota Castro, ‘Guantanamo’, 2005, mixed media,, 500 x 200 x 200 cm
Jota Castro, ‘Guantanamo’, 2005

Eva Grubinger, ‘Spartacus (Light)’, 2007

Gregor Schneider, installation at Bondi Beach, 2007

Liza Lou, Maximum Security, 2008
Liza Lou, ‘Maximum Security’, 2008

Kendell Geers, ‘Postpunkaganpop’, 2008

Claude Lévêque, ‘Le Grand Soir,’ 2009

Robert Morris, ‘Łódź Labyrinth’, 2010
Robert Morris, ‘Łódź Labyrinth’, 2010

Olaf Nicolai, Faites le travail quaccomplit le soleil, 2010
Olaf Nicolai, ‘Faites le travail qu’accomplit le soleil’, 2010

Rossella Biscotti, The Library, 2010, with 590 soviet books
Rossella Biscotti, T‘he Library’, 2010

Epos 257, 50 square meters of the public space, 2010
Epos 257, ‘50 square meters of the public space’, 2010

Tony Conrad, ‘Wip’, 2013, installation view at Greene Naftali
Tony Conrad, ‘Wip’, 2013

Eduardo T. Basualdo, ‘Mi casa (es tu casa)’, 2013, metal, 270 x 258 x 353 cm
Eduardo T. Basualdo, ‘Mi casa (es tu casa)’, 2013

    And also, comment posted September 22nd 2008

    Cristina Iglesias, ‘Hanging Corridor I’, 2006

    And also, comment posted January 12th 2010

    Robert Morris, ‘Philadelphia Labyrinth’, 1974
    Robert Morris, ‘Philadelphia Labyrinth’, 1974

    And also, comment posted May 22nd 2010

    by St Ban

    What about Mona Hatoum’s Light Sentence ?

    And also, comment posted May 24th 2010

    Mona Hatoum, Light Sentence, 1992
    Mona Hatoum, ‘Light Sentence’, 1992

    And also, comment posted January 20th 2012

    by GDR

    Michelangelo Pistoletto, Spazio Libero, 1999
    Michelangelo Pistoletto, ‘Spazio Libero’, 1999

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