Bertrand Lavier, ‘Brandt sur Haffner’, 1984

John Giorno , Whatever Window is Your Pleasure: You Look..., 1991
John Giorno , ‘Whatever Window is Your Pleasure: You Look…’, 1991

Daniel Firman, 'Chute libre', 2007
Daniel Firman, ‘Chute libre’, 2007

Danh Vo, Oma Totem, 2009, objects from the artist’s grandmother Nguyen Thi Ty, received from The Immigrant Relief Program and The Catholic Church on arriving in Denmark: - 1 Phillips 26 inch TV - 1 Gorenje washing machine - 1 Bomann refrigerator - 1 wooden crucifix - 1 Nguyen Thi Ty's personalized entrance card for a casino
Danh Vo, ‘Oma Totem’, 2009

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